Planning camping trip in TX (Houston/Dallas area) need help!

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    Ok so my friend shittily planned this trip and we were going to stay on a friend's land for free and stuff. We would be able to smoke freely, not have to worry about anything. Plans have fallen through and now we need to find a campsite. We dont even know where to start, and we're running out of time!

    We're looking for something in the Waco/Houston/Dallas area that will allow alcohol, be 420 friendly, relatively cheap, and allow tents and stuff like that. There will be 10-20 of us, but we're fine with getting 2 sites.

    If any of you Texan blades know of any good campsites in this area let us know asap!

    Edit: FUCK, if we're in an official Texas park ground is it federal (aka hardcore) anti-mj territory?
  2. I know of an amazing river camping area but it's closer to San Antonio

  3. We'd be willing to drive! Is it alcohol-friendly? All the ones we've found dont allow public consumption of alcohol :(.
  4. Well you can google the Frio River, and there are a lot of camp sites all up and down it, but yeah, for spring break ppl float down the river with a ice chest in a tube attached to theirs and just chiiiiiill
  5. Welcome

    This one has 35$ campsites

    As I said ^ there you can google and a lot of places come up :wave:
  6. Np, I love it there and so does anyone else I know who goes there! Last time I went, we walked all up and down the river banks and found some awesome smoke spots, no one was around and no one would see/smell us. And my aunt smokes while floating on the river :) enjoy
  7. Theres a campground in somerville thats alcohol friendly. No place is 420 friendly but no one bothers you there.

  8. I camped in Somerville too. The lake was a fucking joke, but I found a badass trail that had a beautiful river thing and followed some hog holes. There was another lake, but it had too many rocks to swim in, it was more for boats, and I found a cave near it :cool:
  9. Nice. I used to go there w a good friend. Her dad (A Houston Sheriff lol) usually brought his boat with us
  10. Yeah my dad hated it. He was highly disappointed we all wanted to go home. The Frio is amazing imo clear water, COLD water, the lake in Somerville was filled with clams and clam shells :mad: and murky and gross like Galveston, except it didn't move, it just sat still and was hot. Not fun. Lol
  11. Yeah not the greatest place but he wanted a somewhere to drink and smoke and you can do that there

  12. I think we went to Garner State Park for the Frio Trip, but we could do whatever we wanted there, as long as you don't go during spring break, it should be fine haha.
  13. Lake somervile, lake travis in austin, the Guadalupe river in new branfels, anywhere in austin, lake conroe

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