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Planning an Amsterdam trip.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sfsc, May 21, 2010.

  1. Going by myself. I was going to go about 10 times before with friends and all them can't save money for a trip to save their lives ... plus I'll have plenty of fun by myself anyway.

    That being said, anyone have any advice? I plan on flying into AMS. Not going to rent a car, so everything will be public transportation. How is the public transportation to/from the airport? How far is the "city" from the airport?

    My main problem is I want to have a good time, and it'd be great if I could just walk (or a short taxi ride, maybe) from my hotel, to a cafe, to a museum or art exhibit or something.

    Also, other than toking ... what IS there to do?
  2. people watch while high XD
  3. You could always hit up the Red Light District :ey: ...but I wouldnt go near it lol:bolt:. I'm almost positive they have shrooms you can buy from stores too. That'd be one hell of an experience. I've always wanted to go to Amsterdam, especially since my birthday falls on the week of the Cannabis Cup, but I don't know if I'd want to go to that.
  4. first thing and most important thing you need to do right now is book your bed at The Flying Pig hostel. there are two, so book the one downtown by the train station. tons of really cool people hiking around europe stay there, so you will be fine w/ meeting people. the vibe at the Piggy cannot be beat.

    there is a train that runs from the airport and drops you right down at the city center. amssterdam is a walking city, so no worries about public transportation.

    you can walk to a lot of the coffee shops from the Piggy.

    there are a few great art museums located in Amsterdam, not far from the Piggy. Not a walk though. what you will do is rent a bike. everyone rides bikes over there. WWII style bikes! there is a great park down by the van gough museum to lounge in.

    pick up the smokers guide to amsterdam. they usually have them at the desk of the Piggy. it will set you free.

  5. Awesome awesome. Just looked up some reviews of the Piggy, and it seems pretty cool.

    Though, when I looked at the prices (roughly $50 USD) ... I realized I don't have the slightest idea how to "convert" currency. Do I do it at the airport?

    I'd rather just bring a wad of cash and a credit card for emergencies instead of just using plastic all the time.
  6. convert your currency before you leave the states and bring a credit card with you. an american express currency exchange will be your best bet. or you can get raped while doing it in the airport here or there. i also wouldn't bring a ton of cash with you just in case. call your bank and let them know you are going before you actually go so they authorize cash withdraws at the ATMs over there.

    the euro is very very low right now so i suggest booking your bed at the piggy asap.

    oh, and don't forget...stay to the right!
  7. I went to Amsterdam for 3 days last summer. If I recall correctly, I flew into AMS as well - we had to take a train to a bus to get into the city. Public transportation within the city of Amsterdam is excellent. Tons of trams, bike paths, etc. to help you get around.

    Definitely some cool museums and parks around town. I'd recommend the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank house. Also, there are usually some good chess games on a big board in one of the public squares (this is usually shown in commercials and stuff - most recently in that Amstel Light one) that are fun to watch while blazed. Check out the Hemp Museum too - I believe they still let you hit a Volcano at the end of your tour (it's not everyday, when I was there I think they had this Wed-Sun and we went on a

    I'd recommend picking up a small plastic grinder in one of the gift shops to get a little bit extra out of your green. Also, sample a bunch of different coffee houses - plenty of different strains/prices on product. It's really fun being able to walk in somewhere and just straight up buy MJ.
  8. Dont convert currency before you go! They'll screw you on the exchange rates, just withdraw from an atm when you get there

    I've been studying in Switzerland for the past 3 months, and have tried to go to the 'Dam twice already (1st time, my friend backed out, second time the volcano cancelled my flight) and am finally going this wednesday:hello: I can let you know all the best places to go there!
  9. deffinitly go to both the greenhouse coffeshops. they got good lemon haze and hawian snow.

    and of course barneys green place and grey area are good shops.
  10. the bubble gum at the gray area was the best i ever had.

    going back at the end of june. feels good.
  11. Man I seriously want to go to amsterdam one day. I definitelly will at least once.

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