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planning an amsterdam trip but im on a budget.

Discussion in 'General' started by no_limit, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. hey guys, in the next month or 2 i will be getting about $3500 as part of my inheritance from my grandmother. im wanting to use this money on something fun instead of just spending it on some useless bunk i probably don't/will never need.

    how hard would it be to do a trip to amsterdam on that or say even $2500?

    how do i get a passport? how much will it cost? when will i get it?

    how much should a plane ticket (round trip) cost if i fly out of Denver Co, or Wichita Ks?

    whats a cheap (CLEAN!) hotel in the city? is it close to the airport? is it close to a coffee shop?

    is there a city taxi service i can use to get around or will i have to get a map and ride the bus?

    how should i handle my vacation money? travelers checks? prepaid visas?

    keep in mind this would be my very first overseas trip and i'd like to stay for about a week. any usefull info you guys have just post it here.
  2. holy crap this thread sunk down quick. BUMP!
  3. I've never regretted a penny of the money I've spent on travel. But there's a lot of useless shit I regret buying :)

    $2500 is plenty for one person on a budget (for 4/5 days or so). Your money will go fast there, but if you're careful you can do it.

    Info on obtaining a passport (it'll be about $100): Passport Home

    Try Orbitz, Expedia or Travelocity for plane tickets.

    The airport is outside of the city. You want to stay in the city. From the airport you can either take a tax (about 40 euros) or you can take the train. Get a hotel in the center of the city, and you will be within walking distance from everything. There is also a very good tram service. Or you can rent a bike. It's not a city for driving or taking cabs.

    Don't use travelers' checks. They are very outdated. Use a debit/credit card and get cash from an ATM.

    There's a lot of hotels in the city... google "amsterdam hotels" or "amsterdam hostels".
  4. so do you know if i'd run into any problems taking prepaid visas? most i can load up on em is 500 per card.
  5. mobissimo.com

    you'll find cheaper tickets there everytime.
  6. Get sponsered to walk there and keep all the money to spend on weed.
  7. I've never used them, but they should be accepted anywhere that accepts visa.

    Just make sure you can use it as an ATM. If not, take some USD and exchange it at a bank. You will need some cash for coffeeshops, street food, etc.
  8. i found a flight+hotel package through expedia for about $1,093 with a hotel near amsterdam centre. ill post a link when i come down enough to figure out how to do it again, lol:smoke:
  9. I had a visa with $500 on it, but if you can just bring your debit card there are ATMs in a lot of places

    The tram is cheap and it is a great way to move around, also I had only $1000 when I went and I did run out. Stoned impulse buys are really hard to overcome there.

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