Planning Amsterdam Trip, would like help

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  1. Basically it's as the title says, I'm planning a Trip to Amsterdam, but I don't know exactly every sight to see or place to visit or thing to do. I was hoping someone from Amsterdam would be able to give an honest heads-up on what to do, or someone who makes regular trips to Amsterdam would be able to provide me with the scoop on what it's like to be a tourist in the city.

    I'm the type of person who goes to a foreign country to see the culture and the average day of the people that inhibit that country. For example, I don't smoke tobacco OR like fruit, but when I was down in the Dominican Republic, I smoked a Cigar every night and bought fresh fruit from the locals, etc.

    Basically, I'm looking for the best experience that still shows me the Dutch Culture. Yes I plan on smoking weed, drinking and visiting the Red Light District and hiring Escorts, but if I were Dutch and that's the only reason people came to my country, I would be personally insulted, and since here in America, all you ever hear about is, "Oh you're going to Amsterdam? You'll be SOOO HIGH" and all that junk, I would like to know what sights to see, places to go to, districts to visit, etc. Someone recommended to me to check out Jordaan, but I would still like a heads up from someone who lives in Amsterdam or who visits frequently.

    Thank You!
  2. when are you going?
  3. Here dude. I've only been to Amsterdam once but I def recommend staying somewhere in Rembrandt square. Very nice area and quite a few cafes to smoke in. Also only 10 min walk to red light square! Plus if you fancy a night, just drinking then theres a big nightclub there called Escape. Very big dance DJ's play there.

    May your trip be filled with strong ass weed and gorgeous hookers. I'm talking 10/10 here. I was surprised at how great looking they were and I usually have a high standard.
  4. Don't bring a bong, you'll be sent to Guantamano Bay!
  5. You must have plenty of dough. Have fun homie
  6. Rent a bicycle and ride it everywhere if you want to live like us for a week. It's the best way to get around. If you're high and not used to riding bicycles you might want to avoid this. Public transport is very efficient as well.

    Also you can eat some raw herring, you'll probably be disgusted but it's worth a try. Try to find a stroopwafel stand too and buy a freshly made stroopwafel. the packaged ones are ok but the fresh ones that are still warm are awesome.

    Also find a snackbar and buy a kroket, a kaassoufflé and and (ras)patatje oorlog. There's this place called Febo that sells them from little glass slots, where you put a coin in and the slot opens. Although these are not that bad, I suggest finding a smaller snackbar and ordering it there. There's also a variety of fries called raspatat, which is basically deep fried mash potatoes, but not every snackbar sells that.

    A boat tour on the canals through the city is pretty nice as well. Try to find a smaller open boat rather than one of those water-buses with windows.

    I hear the museums are pretty good as well, and the Anne Frank house is supposed to be interesting too. You should go there early in the morning or about 45 minutes-1 hour before they close or there will be a very long line.

    The westerpark and vondelpark are nice places to relax, especially if it's the weekend and the weather is nice.

    If you're looking for an authentic Dutch restaurant I would suggest a pancake restaurant.

    Also, almost everyone here smokes their weed with king-size rolling papers with tobacco mixed in. If you're going to buy pre-rolled joints, they will usually be like this. I suggest to stay away from the pre-rolled joints though. Do some research as to what coffeeshops are best because some aren't nearly as good as others. I can't give any advice on this because I'm not from Amsterdam.
  7. I have yet to go to Amsterdam, but just wanted to comment that I think its awesome your wanting to experience stuff outside of the coffeeshops and redlight.

    Props man, if I could +rep you I would (im on the app)
  8. Hubby and I are renting a flat for a week in the old town next June just to make a nice quiet vacation happen - we want to be able to cook instead of eating out all the time, and need a place for our eve online corpies to come and visit/party. Though last summer we stayed at the CitizenM hotel. They have the most amazingly comfortable beds there.

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