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  1. i have access to a closit thats about 18 inches deep, 36 inches wide, and 8 feet tall. I could fit 5-6 plants in there, but what about a 600 watt light? With a euro reflector? I know i realy only need a 250 watt for that space 5sf but six plants 600 watts sounds ideal. so if i go with 6 inch exhaust vents am i being unrealistic? im having trouble finding a journal about a closit grower with the same size closit. plus this is a row house/ town house, type situation where the closit is in a upstairs bedroom. would i be better off useing the hight of the closit and sectioning off into two 4 foot sections top and bottum with a 250 watt hps for flowering and cfls for vedge? what would you do?
  2. Look at rumples closet and copy it. If you can afford it lol.
  3. I'd say two 4 foot compartments. One for flowering, one for vegging. Maybe a 150-250 watt HPS bulb for flowering, with 1-3 plants in each compartment. For the Veg compartment, I'd go about 100 watts of CFLs, whether it's 25 watts x 4 or 32 watts x 3 or 48 watts x 2 etc, it shouldn't matter *that* much for vegging.
  4. If you look around some people are doing some AMAZING STUFF with a 250w HPS for flowering. Don't know the name of the guy but he grew one plant, and got 7 oz dried with a 250 HPS. And if you have extra lighting you could b all good.
  5. 7 off one plant wow looking for that now
  6. anybody else? lol... wish i could copy rumples closit he got it made

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