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  1. Hallo there,

    My friend and I were originally going to grow outside this summer, but that failed when we realized how unfeasible that was going to be in our area. So now I'm gonna try to find a way to get around the fact that I'm forced to live at my house over the summer.

    I've been reading through the forums, and the rubbermaid setup seems to be my favorite. I want to get this right the first time, and five myself plenty of room to expand in the process. Me being partially OCD, mostly just stressed the fuck out (thus smoking the good herb), I like to have everything planned out to the letter, so I've come to the community to ask for help on the final details.

    Money isn't much of an issue, as I consider this an investment. Like I said before, I have chronic FREAKTHEFUCKOUT syndrome, and marijuana seems to be the only thing that can help me step back and relax for a little while. I consider that a valuable asset in life, and I figure in the long run this will be cheaper than paying the apparently crazy high prices in PA.

    After doing research, I think that using a combination of LED lights and CFL lights would be the most efficient, along with being the easiest to explain if the 'rents stumbled across them (I got them for photo effects, I swear).

    Anyways, The setup I was thinking about is as follows:
    a primary LED light set up with CFLs along the side. The LED would be one of the "flowering" models, and then I would switch out the appropriate CFL's for veg and flowering mode. I'd try growing no more than 2-4 plants, depending on what you guys tell me, inside the rubbermaid bin. I'd drill seven or eight half in diameter holes along the bottom, and then the vent hole near one of the handles on the opposing side. On the same side will be the power-in hole. This way, if I push the tote sort of into a corner, with the vent facing away, it'd be near impossible to tell if anything was happening.

    On the inside, I'd have PVC elbows coming from the vent holes to make sure light doesn't escape (more for stealth than efficiency). I'll have the lid braced with some wooden slats to hold up the light fixtures. I'll have a medium sized fan inside, along with a radio (I like my plants to have a taste in music) which I'll turn on and off whenever I'm in the room. I'll be growing in soil, and have a fairly basic nute plan from what I've seen.

    At this point, my biggest concern is lighting. I know people enjoy trouncing on LED lighting, but truth be told it'll be a little cheaper on my parents, and when I move into my apartment, it'll be a little easier on me as well. I've heard the standard for LEDs is, as minimum, half the wattage of a HID or HPS setup. Seems like people favor putting a 400 watt light over 4 plants, so if I bought a 180 watt light, and coupled it with a couple CFLs, would that do the trick for 3-4 plants in a small space? or are my scales wrong here?

    The next major concern is seeds. There's a small chance that a friend of a friend can get me a couple Northern Lights seeds, but I don't know the quality or if they're regular or feminized... or even if I can get them. If that fails, what's the best way to have seeds shipped to me online?

    Also, are there any nute suggestions? Anything that favors micro grows more? Incase it isn't painfully obvious, I don't know all too much on this topic, something which I hope to rectify this summer.

    tl;dr- halp.

    Thanks for any advice, and I'll be sure to keep you guys updated if/when i get this off the ground.

    ps- just previewed this, saw how long it was, and realized I'm posting on grasscity. Kudos to anyone who read all the way through :p
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    Just start building what you want to house your future betty's in and get ready. I'm sure universal timing will hook you up right as your ready for them, keep us posted. What your thinkin would be fine for lighting. I like high p bat guano for bloom top dress and make teas. Also neptunes harvest
  4. @mike: Strangely enough, I had based my plans off yours. I'm was going to have a slightly smaller fan (10") instead of the full sized one you seem to have. Do you (or anyone else reading this) think I should beef up the internal fan?

    Also, I'm looking at a one of the new 100W Blackstar LED lights from Lighthouse Hydro, and then supplementing it with four 45W cfls on either side. Does that sound about right/not enough/too much?
  5. The fan that is in the first few pics on my grow was a temp fan because my little one died on me and that's all I had. Ussually I use a little 4" desk fan for air movement in the box. You don't need much. You don't want a huricane blowing on them. Just enough to make them dance haha.

    On the LEDS I cannot help you out there. I've done some research on them and I decided to stay away from them right now. Some people have good luck and some do not so I figured I would save my money. They are nice but ill wait a little longer to see what they come up with.

    As far as the 45watt CFLS go I would ditch those and go with the 26watt ones. They run cooler and they have a better lumen to watt ratio so your plants will benefit from them more than the 45watters. Not to mention they are cheaper.

    In my opinion uf you run 200watts in there that would be enough for 4 plants. You figure you cram 200w into a rubbermaid bin, line the sides with foil tape/mylar and the light has no where to go but to the plants. I don't even have to keep the lights right on top of my plants and they grow with zero stretch. So I would say aim for around 200-250 watts and see how your temps are and if you want then you could add more light.

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