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  1. I've made the decision to take an out-of-country trip, for soul-searching and exploration purposes. The destination isn't set, but the options are New Zealand or Australia. I'm wanting to go in their off-season for cheaper flights and accommodations, so it'll be around the July-August time.

    What I need help with is suggestions for what to bring, what to buy, where to go, places to visit, places NOT to visit, et cetera... especially considering this will be my first plane ride, first out-of-country experience, pretty much just loads of firsts here.

    I realize I could just Google half of this information, but what's the point in that if I can take advantage of the awesome society that is GC?:hello:

    Any and all information that would help make my trip a very memorable and exciting experience is welcome:cool:
  2. I'd definitely go to Australia, I've always wanted to live there, but it's almost unrealistic, so visiting would be awesome.

    But honestly, you're not going to have as good as a time you would if you went there when it was a bazillion degrees. Go in winter months dude!
    But yeah, I'd honestly just rent a badass 4 wheel drive suv, and just drive around and explore. Fuck going to places where all the tourists go, or places that are popular. Go find your own places, that'll be even cooler.
    If you're driving around and see a cool spot from a few miles away, fuck it, get to that place, find your own ways, that'd be real cool.
    But I wouldn't do it alone, I'd take a buddy along.

    P.S. Finding a bud connect would be a super plus too.
  3. July-August IS their winter bro ;) yay southern hemisphere!

    Anyways, I've decided on New Zealand. I'm not sure which island though -_-

    Still looking for more advice or suggestions, if anyone is willing to help out
  4. My brother went to school in New Zealand for a semester, he said it's like they took all of the ugly people in the world and put them there haha but he said it's a great country...he stayed with a british family there so it was good fun apparently, he still talks to them. But Land of the is good
    He also stayed in Aussieland for 2 weeks at hostels and had a great time. Also had a friend who went there for a semester and she loved it.
    If you have any specific questions I can ask him...also he was like 17-18 when he did this year or so ago...don't know how that compares to your age, but if he could he would be living there right now...I probably would too :p
  5. Well I'm not going there to meet people haha. But if all goes as planned and I o this summer, I'll be 20 at the time. I'm hoping to just find a really chill area with loads of scenery and things to enjoy.

    What area did your brother stay in? Which island?
  6. I'm a kiwi bro, and I'm glad you chose NZ over Oz, for sure...

    What are you planning to do? If you're dead set on winter, the south island has mad scenery and shitloads of skifields etc; the main tourist town Queenstown... but it's really not that hard to hop on a ferry and go between the islands, its a 2-3 hour ferry ride. In the summer I'd say North Island; better beaches... but man you can't go wrong wherever you go. I'm from Wellington (bottom of north island) so if you need any bud I may be able to help you out.. I'd recommend north island, and in the summer, to be honest.. winter's a bit shit haha.

    Anyway let me know if there's any other questions!
  7. Ha well I'm pretty dead set on winter, blame the show rocket power lol. But what's the travel time like between Queenstown and the ferry to the north island, or is Queenstown at the northern tip? Hmm, I should look at a map or something haha. But winter it is because thy would give me ample time to save for the trip and I'd be finished with this shit I'm in with the courts right now.

    Plus, how old do you have to be to rent a car down there? Or some kind of mode of transportation... I don't want to be stuck at the airport.
  8. Shit I haven't been to Queenstown in a minute, though if I remember correctly we've driven from the tip of the south island to the very bottom in a day. Like 12-14 hours or something. And queenstown is in the lower half of the island, not like right at the bottom or anything though.

    I'm not entirely sure about how old you have to be; possibly 21, no idea though.. google some of the car rental companies, I'm sure they'll say it.
  9. New Zealand is a must visit place to me, it looks so beautiful in every picture I've seen. I must climb those mountains.

    To save money I can't recommend hostels enough, they're an amazing way to save money and you get to meet a lot of different people.
  10. Dude if you like lord of the rings it was filmed in New Zealand, you could walk the movie trail to MT. Doom
  11. I fucking love Lord of the Rings! I totally forgot they filmed the movies in New Zealand! Well it's 100% settled then, NZ is definitely my destination.

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