Planning a Euro Rail trip (looking for answers from anyone with experience)

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  1. Well I am planning a Euro trip for next summer and was looking for some advice. The basic plan is the get a Euro rail pass and just train about all over. We dunno what pass we are getting yet. It maybe the all inclusive or it might be limited. Packing light and staying in hostels. I got a few questions to anyone with experience.

    1. Know of any good hostels to stay at in Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Longon, Belgium,

    2. Any tips for traveling by train. I hear at night you gotta lock all your shit up tight since theft is high.

    3. Any recomendations of thing to do in Europe. Other then :smoking: and drink. Any location is good since it might be included later in planning.
  2. Uh...seriously? Next summer?

    Me too! But watch those rail passes, if you dont take the train a fucklot, you wont pay if off. They tend to be a fair bit overpriced.
  3. Can I come with you?
  4. lol. Yeah the passes are only worth it if you plan on taking the train a lot. Which is the plan;)

    European Smoke up next summer for GC members:D:smoke:
  5. I was there last summer and I bought a Eurorail pass that was good for like 12 train rides. I think it was around $200 and it's good for any country in the EU. I would strongly recommend Interlaken, Switzerland and stay at the Funny Farm, its a great back packer's city. In Amsterdam I'd get on the phone right now and try to book a reservation for the Downtown Flying Pig, without a doubt the coolest place I have ever stayed at. And go to the Grey Zone, small coffee shop but they had phenomenal weed and Roors and Volcanos all over the place.
  6. See the sights. Hit up the clubs everywhere you go. German beer is only good in the south.

    Traveling by train is fun, get a window seat some of the views are amazing. I haven't traveled by night so I wouldnt know about the locking up stuff. but probably a good idea.
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    definately hit up frankfurt (not just cuz its where i lived, its the best city in germany) the only city that has that old german feeling( with the 'altbau' old building)AND SKYSCRAPERS! if u plan to go there..definately hit up the main river..from there u can chill by the river and watch the skyline if u find a good spot. day or night.

    i have to say the beer from germany is waaay better than the beer in the states..almost every city/town has its own taste(the pils) and u just gotta try which one u like the most. IF u do plan to go to frankfurt, definately hit up the clubs, a couple i can recommend is king kamehameha(nothing to do with dragonball ^^) and cocoon club for house music and jade club for hip hop and stuff

    smoking is definately more tolerated in europe than in the states in my opinion. (in germany)first of all, a lot of people smoke cigarettes. Also, most people wouldnt mind if you walk down the street with a joint or blunt or something, the most they would do is give u a dirty look and walk away. although i do not recommend smoking in front of the POlice, but they tend to be nice to travelers(but not every one of them). It depends on the state, but in hesse(where frankfurt is) u are actually allowed to carry 10 grams of weed with you..if u get caught, itl get confiscated but u wont get any charges, even less likely if ur not a citizen. i can only say for frankfurt so just do a lil research..shouldnt be hard

    AMSTERDAM! o i love the city. definately hit up green house. uhm and just walk around and find small coffeeshops made for more local people, as they tend to surprise u in a good way ^^. i stayed once at a camping site called vliegenbos..a pretty nice experience actually, very different from the hostles. but if ur looking for a hostel, book early and ull get a real good deal: there are people who rent out their apartments (1 room-2room) for travelers for pretty cheap. there are also coffeeshop/hostels ^^ where in the room there are bongs, tv with videogames and such..never been to 1 of them but..dunno maybe a good experience
    and 3 words: RED LIGHT DISTRICT
    (daum 2nd edit: dont forget to get dat heineken!)

    as for the train, i love them..just love them. the TGV from france and the DB from germany have high speed trains going up to ~250 kmh..dunno about that europass but i think it would be worth it..also the night trains are really neat. definately check it out if you get the chance...o yea..about the germany there are very VERY little thieves. just lock up ur luggage and put them anywhere, ull be good to go. noone would try to carry it home and break it open or something. as in france, i do not really know about the local trains, just watch out a lil bit, but the highspeed trains are pretty classy and also i would think no one would care to try to steal ur bags

    hope i helped u out....really enjoy ur trip..europe is just amazing

    u chinese? ^^
  8. dont go to paris. The smoke here sucksss!

  9. go to paris

    its my favorite city ive been to in europe
    also i LOVED italy and switzerland might want to check them out

    im not a fan of london though..
  10. Go to FUCKING PARIS! And when youre there go to the sacre couer, go down to the bottom of the steps in front and youll see a gang of africans wielding bracelets for tourists. Tell them "hashish? HASHISH!" and they'll start to barter with you. I got two fatty hash bars for 50 euros and it took me two weeks to finish them (i ended up eating one on my last day) Just make sure to talk them down from their original price.

    Then go to boulevard des italiens at the corner of rue mariveaux and theres a place called cafe mariveaux and its the best restaurant in france. its also affordable. Then a few doors down at the other corner of the block theres a fucking dank sandwich shop thats hella cheap and they sell super good paninis and such. Awesome munchie food:smoking:

    In amsterdam be sure to get down with a prostitute, then go to the cannabis museum because they have they FIRST VAPORIZER EVER BUILT and THEY LET YOU HIT IT FOR FREE its fucking amazing/ a religous experience.

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