Planning 8 months ahead.. (HELP ME MY 420 FAM =)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by AgAzA, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Okay. Well. I'm going to be travelling for the next 8-10 months before I head back home to start my next grow, and what my grow to be EPIC! :devious:

    Little history: I've grown only 2 plants thus far. Auto-Tuten and a bag seed, not that high in THC but loaded with red hairs, more than I ever seed before. (You may check my sig for my first grow ever..)

    Now. I'm planning on growing 2 plants only. It will be indoor, closet grow. :smoke: and its for PUO ;)

    looking for someting high in thc, short in height .. some, i will be doing a poll for the 6 top seeds recommended, to see which 2 i should get.

    also, my last two grows were completely CFL's at maybe 200watts.. and good soil and jamaican bat guano during flowering.

    What do you guys suggest? get a HPS and create my own hydro system? or HPS and soil? or CFL's and Soil?

    I personally like soil only have a nice link on fresh red fertile soil......

    Thanks in advance family :smoke:
  2. I'd suggest HPS, like everyone on the board. It's the sports car of plant lighting.

    You could stick with soil if you like it. Hydro can be daunting if you don't have the money to put into it. A small setup will cost near 100 bucks if you aren't crafty.

    As for picking seeds, nobody can do that for you. It's similar to picking a color for a car, it's all personal preference. If you want something short though, autos seem to always be pretty short. Or you could simply scrog any seed.

  3. awesome response. will consider HPS more so now. and pretty much sure everyone else will say the same.

    as for seeds.. i still want to get some feeds on seeds :D who can provide a list of top 10 most stinking strains? or top 10 on the thc content / resin content..

    also, any forum links to help on fighting mildew/spidermites/etc?? had problems on last grow and lost 40% of my topmost bud

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