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Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by LedZepp1979, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. Does anyone what happened to planetskunk. All I know is that the seeds are still up but the forums are down. I really hope we don't have another overgrow kind of experience on our hands?
  2. I don't know what happened, but this is forum is packed with info. I think you'll be able to find everything you need here and won't need planetskunk.
  3. idk what happened there, but your welcome here! GC is the best forum there is imo. and the best part is that the most knowledgeable people here are some of the nicest (with the exeption of a couple dinks) on the forum.
  4. I am not sure what happened to planet skunk. only thing i can think of is the were talking about adding some things. but i didn't think it would take this long so i am not really sure. As far as these forums go, i think Planet Skunk is better. Plus from what i can tell the seeds are cheaper.

    Can't wait for Planet Skunk to comeback.

    Sorry if you don't like my opinion but it is based on the fact i have posted a couple times and no one has responded to help. yes there is some good info here but it is the same as planet skunk. But one big difference is that everyone there is a lot more helpful i think.
  5. ^^if you post a question that can be easily answered by using the search function, then you may be dissappointed.
    and opinions are like assholes. everybody has one and everyone else's stinks.
  6. Any question right about now can be answered by reading threw the thousands of post. But what forums offer is multiple answers which one might be better for you. Otherwise we might as stop posting here, keep reading online, and buy a book. Or wait here is an idea after you read a post put your two cents in. Offer the link if you know where it is. Or take the 1 min and give your 2 cents. Not to difficult. Or you can post about your stinky asshole instead of using that time wisely to help someone out.
  7. i'm waiting for it to come back, it's a nice forum

  8. I agree with Istanalone... You just joined the forum and are posting questions that have been answered many many times. Take some time and click the search button and try searching for answers to your questions. Newbies here always want the easy answer without doing any of the ground work to becoming a better grower. I lurked here for months reading and searching for answers before i ever grew or posted. People respond quickly to posts that are unique or pose poignent questions or topics, and tend to ignore questions they see over and over again posted by lazy people.

    And sorry if you dont like my opinion but PlanetSkunk if not half the board this is. If you dont like the people here then find somewhere else to rant.
  9. you all keep posting to this saying the same thing. Stop posting here. instead help a noob. And i have read for 2 months solid before posting. Lazy? i thought my question were well thought out and contained all the info to answer them. And yes i agree some question don't have any research behind them, but i am well learned :) in the subject.

    Or just keep this pointless thread alive


    check out NORML.

  10. I agree with weekend, I use to come here, and thought some of the ppl were really nice.Then there were the jerks with no knowledge . The thing is PS gets rid of the jerks, here they hide in the wood work.
    IMO , i'm waiting for PS to come back. I just come here and read some post ( not to look for info. been growing over 30 yrs), just to read some funny advise. :eek:
  11. no, we shouldn't take two seconds and post an answer that has been posted countless times on countless other threads. redundant threads take up room on the server. the more often that the same question is answered again and again, it takes up valuable space that a new/unanswered question could be using. and if your the kind of person who can't handle constructive criticizm then this forum is def not the place for you.
  12. IMO I can take honest criticizm, and as I said I come and read what ppl have to say.Now this site should be able to take some honest criticizm also. U talk of taking up room because of redundant questions. Have U read some of the questions these KIDS (thats the problem IMO on this site , alot of kids) put up. I have to LMAO. I'm not flaming this site, just some honest criticizm.
  13. well, ok maybe i took you wrong and i'm sorry for that. but immature/childish behavior is a problem on any forum i've ever been on.

  14. Hey greentoes, a familiar handle :) Yeah, I see PS is down or sumpin...was just checking in lately, seeing how the gang was doing. I'm in between action right now, possibly painting house, so holding off getting the outdoor Calibox going again. Still unemployed, but getting some interviews lately, got my Quickfix pee ready to go if an offer happens.

    Best to you, hope all is well.

    Peace, Love, Calicult

  15. Yes I missed overgrow to.Such a wealth of info.

    However I've come to find about the same scale of info here.Its a great community as well.


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