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    Planetside 2 (PS2) is a MMOFPS, what this means is that they incorporate all the gameplay elements of the Battlefield and CoD series. The largest difference is the scale that PS2 takes the battles. Non MMOFPS games (simply FPS such as CoD, CS:S, BF) traditionally give players the option of picking a map and loading it up with a maximum of 64 players on the map. PS2 trumps this number with upto 666 players per faction with 3 factions to choose from and a map that encompasses enormous areas where players fight over control of the map and resources. The dev's have stated that there will be three different continents to fight over on release, with more added afterwards.

    The game also does not limit the number of aircraft, vehicles, or roles involved in a battle.

    Even better than fulfilling all pits that traditional FPS seem to fall into, the game has been announced to be completely free to play. The game will incorporate micro-transactions which will be used to customize your vehicles, guns, and character, but not for exclusive weapons. Essentially, you can't pay-to-win, the system is detailed slightly in the video below.

    If you're looking for something new to play that wont cost you a dime if you don't want it to, Planetside 2 should be on the top of your list of games to check out.

    Note: the game is PC only, consoles can not hold the massiveness of this game. Also, beta is due sometime this spring, I think you can still sign up on the game's homepage.

    [ame=""]45 minute Planetside 2 gameplay video at GDC[/ame] - note that the version they demo in the video was an alpha build.

    PlanetSide 2 PC Game - Massive Combat on an Epic Scale
    PlanetSide Universe, your complete source for everything PlanetSide (forums for PS2 discussion, devs post here and take comments on game features)
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    I dabbled in the first Planetside a good bit, was a great game that just didn't get the support it needed. I wouldn't compare PS to COD or BF though, if anything you could compare it to Halo on a grand scale with much more complexity.

    You really don't get an idea of what this game is about until its just you and one guy stationed in a scout tower outside of your base taking on like 100 guys over the course of an hour that are trying to sneak into your factions area, its badass. :smoke:

    EDIT: Now that I think about it I really wouldn't say its like Halo either, its really a game of its own honestly.
  3. im a little over half way through the video and i absolutely cannot wait for this. ive been wanting an mmofps for years now.

    i think i might even play this over D3, and ive played the diablo series since the first game.
  4. Check out the video, the dev's have incorporated a lot of modern FPS gameplay, and the have even been comparing PS2 to BF3 and CoD, just on a much more massive scale and without limitations on number of vechiles and game rounds. But you are right, this game is in its own class because of the scale difference. It is just great that they are taking what makes BF3 and CoD so successful (their successful fps aspect, which the original PS was pretty weak at) and blowing it up to the same scale that the traditional PS had.
  5. seems cool
  6. def going to be checking this out:hello:
  7. Signed up for beta. Looks awesome!
  8. Looks interesting. I wonder how sustainable their business model will turn out to be given that the transactions won't really affect gameplay.
  9. you can buy guns, or pay for them with in game cash. im willing to bet it takes a lot to pay for them with in game cash too. in that video i saw guns for like 30,000 game currency, but like 100 sonycashstuff. and im willing to bet that the amount of time it takes to earn 30,000 game currency is several times longer than it would take to earn the real life money to pay for the 100 sonycashtuff.
  10. This game will be great as far as teamplay goes. Definitely our kinda game, dude

  11. You can't not buy guns or anything that makes you strong than another person in the game. Planetside2 will not have pay-to-win. You can buy cosmetic upgrades and such, there may be a subscription service that lets you gain xp faster, but xp doesn't equal power either. When you level up a weapon or vehicle you get more flexibility in play style. All xp upgrades have a negative to them to balance them. Faster shooting rate has lower damage, higher damage for a slower shooting rate, etc.

    You can also collect in-game currency which, along with sonycash, can be spent on cosmetic/customization upgrades. So just playing the game you will eventually get these upgrades even if you dont want to spend real money. I think sonycash is $1 = 100 sonycash. You will definitely be able to get your upgrades faster through real cash of course, but remember, you're not buying power in the game. This is not a pay-to-win system in any way or form!

  12. This is one thing that they have not talked a lot about. All they have really said is that they will be doing Free to play and that there will be micro-transactions available for non-competitive upgrades. There may also be a subscription service set-up to help boost xp (which again is non-competitive when you see what xp gives you).
  13. Nice, I'm getting excited for this game. I missed the first one but I had friends who played it and they never let me forget how much fun I was missing.
  14. This game looks like it is going to pretty good. I played the first one a few years ago, and I loved flying the aircraft and using the stealth suit to be a hacker.
  15. PlanetSide 2 is an upcoming free MMO FPS scheduled to release in 2012 by SOE. It is a spin-off to the original first-person shooter PlanetSide, which is subscription-based and released early in 2003. Running on the newly built Forgelight Engine, the sequel will be a ‘reimagining' of the original: it takes the acclaimed features from its predecessor and meanwhile expands the game's scope to a higher extent.
  16. This could be a very good year for the fps genre. With all the years CoD has been mucking up the genre, a rebirth of good PC titles may help a lot.

    I'm looking forward to this, and a few more titles, very much.

    Now to decide on a faction...
  17. holy shit. PlanetSide was honestly one of my favorite games ever. it was just mindblowing. but that was so long ago, i was just a kid and had no way to pay for the game, so i only got to play on my friend's account sometimes.

    I would love to try out this one but i doubt my computer could handle it.

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