Plan on moving to a legal state and getting involved in the business.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Business and Industry' started by quiksdn, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. I plan on moving to a recreational state. Marijuana has always been a passion of mine. Ive had many succesful grows and to be honest, i love growing the plant more than i do smoking it. Anyway i want to get to the point where i own my own dispensarie. What are the first steps i should take? Im a pretty decent grower, i also am not in a legal state so its not like i could just do it openly. Had to worry about smell, light bills, and keeping it a secret. Ive also done a couole outdoor grows. Someone please give me some advice on the first steps i need to take. This has always been my dream.

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  2. My advice, don't bother. Your entering already ridiculously saturated market with huge competition that's already been established. It'll take you a large amount of time going through the necessary hoops to get the correct licenses and city approval depending where you end up. If you want to try and be a supplier for dispensaries it's probably a better chance you can try to get into it that way. Otherwise if you have no contacts or insiders in the business already your pretty much setting up a money pit. Sorry if that ruins your dreams, but you know how many people have the same passion as you do for's not unique anymore.

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