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    Hey Blades!!  :hello: This is my first post on this website, although I have spent a ton of time reading the forums.  
    Anyways, as the title says, I am planning on growing for my first time.  My only option is an outdoor grow.  I live on about two-and-a-half acres in a smallish town in the Central Valley in California.  Sorry if I'm bringing up a topic that has been asked many times, but most I have seen are very vague and I want specifics.  So I plan on growing in a liquid storage tote in my backyard that has been split in half, in an area of very low traffic.  It is above ground and about two and a half feet tall and gets good amounts of sunlight throughout the day.  I plan on growing an autoflowering berry ryder from the Attitude Seed Bank in a compost and Miracle Gro combo in a medium sized plant pot.  The compost is mostly hay, goat poop, and cut grass and shit.  Will that be enough?  Sadly it is all I can afford at the moment.  Another thing is the smell.  Berry ryder is a cross of lowryder #1 and blueberry.  Will my roommate be able to smell it from the porch?  It is about 250 feet from where I want to grow and wind won't blow the smell that way because of good fence placement.  I only want to grow one at a time in that tote.  BTW, no one lives in the house in which the tote is backed into the fence of, so no need to worry about them smelling it.  So, here are my questions:
    • Will it be smelled from the porch?
    • Do I need anything other than the compost and Miracle Gro?
    • Is Berry Ryder a good stealth grow strain?  Any others?
    • Is a medium sized pot big enough for a plant?
    • How can I prevent bud rot?
    • How can I dry my buds without hanging them out to dry?  I thought about putting them in a shoebox and opening it occasionally for ventillation.
    • How long should I let the buds dry before curing?
    • How long should I cure?
    • And when should I plant the seedlings?
    • Any other tips are great.  Thanks everyone! Toke on!  :metal:  :bongin:

  2. C'mon guys, I could use some help
  3. you have to be serious, that little medium sized plant pot will probably fall over. do not use goat poop unless you want smoke like goat poop. central valley vineyards stank anyways. 1 plant? lets pretend that that container fell over or a varmint comes along. Just be safe, anyone can grow a plant remember.
  4. Do not use MG.
  5. With that many/those questions you'd better be doing a lot /more/ reading if you want a strong, healthy plant.
    First - don't use Miracle Gro for anything you intend to put in your body. It's loaded with slow release fertilizer that's difficult to flush completely. It's no good for growing cannabis. You're better off with simple organic amendments: compost, peat moss, perlite/lava rock/rice hulls, stuff like that. Doesn't take a lot to figure out ways to get your garden what it needs. Have crab for dinner sometime - boom - you got yourself a load of crab meal (organic pest repellant as it breaks down).
    You didn't specify the size of the pot, but if it's under 20-30 gallons it's gonna roast on a summer day, even after watering it every day. 
    The strain is fine for stealth. No autos get all that big anyway. What makes you think you have to worry about bud rot?
    Branches should definitely hang to dry. Read more about curing. Sounds like this especially is where you need to do research, but you have plenty of time if you haven't planted yet.
  6. Get yourself a grow book or two and read them a few times. Do your homework and things will turn out a lot better than if not read. I recommend the books by Ed Rothensal and Jorge Cervantes.

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