Plan on crossing AUTO fems

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  1. If anyone has any idea how I should go about crossing, please share.

    I'm not sure if I should just reverse each plant for more seeds of each then figure it out

    I have
    x2 Blue dreamatic - Fastbuds
    x5 Auto blue cheese - expert seeds
    x2 Sour hound - mephistos
    x3 LSD 25 - Fastbuds
    x2 Auto Russian - exotic seeds
    x2 Amnesia haze - expert seeds
    x1 Pineapple express - barney farms
    x1 mango cream - exotic seeds
  2. i read that to be successful in breeding programmes you need to have allot of seeds as its mainly trial and error error playing a vast majority of the time please dont think im been negative bc im not i really hope you manage to create your own strain how exciting and dam cool to create your own strain a friend of mine did his own an old seed from 90s big bud x blueberry it was a brilliant smoke and strong as but hasnt been able to do another stable x since lol good luck keep us posted if you manage to do it :)
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