Plan of LED Grow?

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  1. Can't hurt! :) I love the idea of LEDs, but they just don't seem to work that well. Frankly, your idea sounds really great, because the one thing I've heard time and again is that LEDs tend to stretch the plants, like they are always reaching for more light no matter how close the lights are. The side lights may minimize that effect.
  2. How bigs your grow area?
    How many plants are you planning on putting under your 90w UFO?
    I would supplement with CFL's, something around the actual
    40w range, maybe 50/50 with veg & flwr colors.
    Heres a thread that might help
    I would not buy those panels but I prefer to buy what works & I can walk in & pay cash and if it breaks I can exchange it in a few hours with a receipt, but thats just me, plus those panels aren't going to make a difference to anything that not a few inch's away from them.
    If its just for one plant, stick with the 90watter and supplement with CFL's if needed or t-5's.
  3. about 2x5ft. I am thinking 3 plants tops. I know I can get a hps with great results but I already have a good 90w LED and would ruin the purpose I originally got it: low heat and cheaper electricity bill. I want to avoid getting non-led lights but if I have to then I guess...
  4. In that case I'd put the $$$ towards a 2nd LED UFO.
  5. i had a led. it was junk. blew up less than 1000 hours after i turned it on. it also didnt grow very well .it was ok for vegging but it couldnt flower very well at all. cheap leds are nothing more than christmas lights in a new package. good luck
  6. From what I hear, if your LED system isn't retardedly expensive, it's probably not what you want.

    Buy T5s to light the sides. You can find pure red/pure blue ones if you dig a little.
  7. I have experience with led , this is not a guess or an oppinion. i spent 400 dollars on what was suppose to be a high end ufo. I bought it from homegrown hydroponics, a national chain in Canada. proved to be a cheap chineese knockoff with brand stickers on it. i could show you 2 lights and you could not tell me which is high end and which is junk. if you are going to use leds, wait for the 3 watt leds to hit the market. they are suppose to be good, but your ufo will be 270 watt and about 600 bucks to buy. why waste your money when a good cfl setup or an hps/mh setup will do the job soooooo much better, spending alot less money to get there.. I replaced my led with a 200w cfl it works great and it was less than 200 bucks. i put a 250 hps in for flowering and it was just over 200.00 with cooltube, balast, bulb and shipping. so i got 2 very good lights for what i paid for my ufo. you will not convince me at this stage leds are any good, other than vegging and they are no better than a cfl setup for that
  8. that way will be good
  9. Has anyone looked into just building their own LED array and go home grown from the lights up? If so have you also looked into the beam of reflected light? If its at all cost effective or even comparable I'm sure I could even build an LED box to go around it and raise and lower the top light. Any thoughts from more advanced LED growers?
  10. The LEDs of today still lack behind HIDs
    Wait a few more years
    The Japanese have developed a white light led but have no clue where they went with that idea
    Best thing to do is use a combination of HID and LED lighting to maximize a given area if needed
  11. Im currently in a month in on my first grow im using a 90 watt quad band ufo and 3 40 watt cfl and shes doing great reat thick and bushy not stretching at all. and my ufo was only like 110 on ebay
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    The LEDs work during the veg stage well but its the flowering stage when the plant needs more intense lighting when they fail to produce

    The money needed to compensate for lighting in LEDs goes way beyond anything you would spend on a HID lighting system with an internal ballast and everything else needed to make the light cool enough to drop a few inches from the top safely

    I myself began with LED technology and even though it has been a couple years since I purchased some panels I still see the same trashy ones for sale :(
    GL and add some pics of your grow so we can see :wave:
  13. if an HPS system is feasbile in your grow, i highly suggest it.

    LED isn't worth the money. Use that light you already have to clone / keep a mother with.
  14. same shit i got going on minus the 2 on the sides and it working perfectly :D

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