Plan For Us To See All Middle-Eastern Countries As One

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  1. There seems to be a plan working itself out to coincide with the so-called 'War on Terror.' I think they want us to see all middle-eastern countries as basically the same, hardly even noticing the fact that they are completely different countries. When this is the perception, it is incredibly easy to get the citizens to accept many different wars in different countries. People don't even think of a new conflict/war with a new country as anything new.

    We're at war with Iraq. We're heading to Afghanistan. Heading to Iran. Heading to Sryia. On and on. Basically, they can just keep going to war with any country 'over there,' and people will hardly even notice. This is because the media trains us to see them all as being practically the same thing, despite the fact that they are all completely different/separate countries.

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    Well, people are supposed to try and keep track of the matter on their own, regardless.

    Most people see Africa the same way. Africa as well as the middle east share tribal histories. Anyway, it's called the arab spring. What happens to countries in the middle east experiencing the arab spring is what has been happening in African countries.

    *facepalm edit*

    Such as... dictators from certain clans/dynasties/religious sects seize power. These rulers become the legitimate representation of the country, which angers the people whom they oppress (for mysterious reasons nobody knows why)... thus making their rule illegitimate. Thus a rebellion occurs.
    The reason why one country after another has rebellions and falls apart in these regions remains a mystery. Rivalries between certain groups and alliances, the downfall of neighboring regimes may lead to the downfall others. The only clear thing is that these people truly do lack... something...

    Aside from first world amenities they truly lack leaders that at least want to look like they are enlightened and care. You think America is corrupt? These people kill their own leaders.

    Should the UN (which is 25% funded by the U.S. out of all 300+ countries in it) and US just pull out? You decide, stoners! I'v been vapin up haha stay frosty.
  3. The Bankers have used the U.S. military to conquer the entire middle east, because they want the control the natural resources, and make unimaginable profit.

  4. im intrigued if only u gave some examples though
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    The Bilderberg Group is an annual meeting of the most powerful and rich elite people in the world, including central bank owners, corporation CEO's, politicians (Obama and Romney, the Clintons, every former president after JFK).

    [ame=]Ron Paul talks about the Bilderberg Group - YouTube[/ame]

    They are using the U.S. political puppets like Obama and Hillary, to convince the people that we need to wage a war to protect ourselves from this "terrorism" boogey man. Our military (the largest and most powerful by a long shot, we spend more than any other country) is used to take control of the mineral, oil, and opium rich middle east, in the name of terrorism. It's all for profit and control, it's a very important part of their New World Order plan to assume control of the entire world.
  6. I think this is definately beneficial for those in power who continuously go to war in the Middle East. However, I think not much has to be done to keep the people ignorant about different regional cultures and differences, I think the people pretty much do that themselves. I mean can the average citizen really name any significant differences between Thailand and Vietnam, Uganda and Somalia or Venezuela and Ecuador?
  7. You're on the right track Journey. If you are in the mood to think about this, I think it's time to pickup that book Nemesis I have shown you. Very detailed events and timelines that pretty much explain the occupation.

    "The arc of Instability"

    trillions of dollars in the middle east, supplies, oil, resources.

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