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Plan for next growth (Is it good?)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SomeAnonymousDude, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Hello all,
    I dont have much experience with growing cannabis but I have conducted a plan.

    I will be using a 4x4ft tent with a 600w vegetative and flowering LED.
    The plants will be in air pots but I am unsure in which size i should start out in and transplant in the future.

    This is my current plan. Some feedback(what I could do better) would be great.

    1) Germinate seeds with cup/paper towel method

    2) Put the germinated seeds in Rapid Rooters and put them under a CFL (acts as a incubator, 600W LED would be too strong.)

    3) Wait untill the plant had sprouted and developed roots.

    4) Move into 500ml normal pot with 1/3 perlite and nutrientless soil. Light cycle 18/6 (still using CFLs)

    5) 1st day give them a lot of water (15% runoff) to prepare for feeding the following day.

    6) 2nd day feed a quarter/half of recommended nutrients.

    7) Water 2 days, feed 1 day. (water/feed once a day)

    8) Once in vegetative stage feed 3 quarters of recommended nutrients. Humidity ~ 40-50% & temperature 20-30C. Place plants inside of tent

    9) When the plant is big enough transplant into 3 gallon size air pot.

    10) Flush once a month and allow plants to dry out every now and then.

    11) Again once plant is big enough transplant into 5 gallon size air pot

    12) Stay on the watering schedule and write down all progress and all waterings and feedings.

    13) When plants are big enough switch to a 12/12 cycle. keep giving them veg nutrients for 5-7 days.

    14) Start with flowering nutrients and buds should start growing. Temp: 18-26C, Humidity: 40-50%

    15) Once buds mature (turn orange) harvest time is near. For 5-7 days flush. Only water no feeding. humidity <40%

    16) Harvest.

    17) Dry upside down for 5-15 days im a dark cool (15-21C) room with low humidity (45-55%) and not much wind (small fan)

    18) Once buds feel dry and their stems snap rather then bending seperate from their stems and start curing in mason jars (fill loosely, all the way up)

    The following is from a website

    19) Seal the containers and place them in a cool, dry, dark spot to finish the curing process. Within the first day, you will notice that the buds are no longer crunchy and dry on the outside, as moisture from inside the flowers rehydrates the outer portions. If this is not the case, you have over-dried your cannabis.

    20) During the first week, open the containers several times per day and let the flowers “breathe” for a few minutes. This allows moisture to escape and replenishes the oxygen inside the container. If you notice the odor of ammonia when opening a container, it means the buds are not dry enough to be cured and anaerobic bacteria are consuming them, which will lead to moldy, rotten cannabis. After the first week, you will only need to open the containers once every few days or so.

    21) After 2 to 3 weeks in containers, your cannabis will be cured enough to provide a quality experience, but 4 to 8 weeks of cure time will improve it even more.

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  2. Any blurple is going to say 600 to 2400 watts. They usually pull like 120 to 400 watts. You have to look in the description for actual watts. A 4x4 is 16 sf. You need 50 watts per sf of blurple or HID lighting. So 800 actual watts for your space

    Soil2Coco’s Indoor Multi Strain Journal
  3. Thanks

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  4. Regarding your start up mate.
    Don't germ the seeds first. That's the whole point of the rapid rooters. If you germ first your damaging the roots when you rip it off the paper towel. Just put seed in and go.
    Also, no nutes for a few days while they adjust to being alive then no more than quarter strength until they're a decent size. Can grow a 4 ouncer on quarter strength with zero problems.
    If bits go yellow you can add some more.
    Start em too hot and they'll fry.

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