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  1. hi guys trying to find out what ppm my water should be inbetween feeds, getting super annoyed people keep giving me ppm of feeds only, am i missing something here?

    so i have ro water do i really put 600/900/whatever crazy high number ppm of calmag in? really confused by every wateting guide only explaining feeds but says feed once and water 3 times.. what the hell ugh
  2. If you have an RO and if it works correctly....your ppm's out of the gate will be nil. When you add the ferts the ppm's will rise...depending on what strength (NPK numbers) the fertilizer is and depending on how much you add. Most feeding schedules guide you to water with ferts once...then water with plain water 2-3 times before re-applying another dose of fertilizer.

    Don't fret too much over any of this. Just go sparingly with the fertilizers/etc....and ride the ride.
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  3. My "normal" tap water runs out at 051 pm to 072.
    Anything below 100 is normal for tap water . What I've learned is to use 1/4 strength nutes for first feeding. Water with just water next . Up the strength to half the next time . Like he said ride the ride . Look for signs . I thought the exact same thing a few months ago!

    .LED 300 w 4x2x5 WW
  4. thanks do much for all the help managed to get them both purple

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  5. Your feed schedule is going to depend on your medium and grow method. With hydro in coco or promix you don't want to feed just water at all unless you're flushing.

    I really feel like that was a big factor that held many of my early crops back, feeding with just water. If you're using a hydro medium you keep just water to a minimum or you'll starve the plant. At the same time that's not a free pass to feed heavy just often. I still feed about 50% recommended strength on average and with that lite and often feed schedule I pretty much avoid lockout entirely.

    In DWC many nutrient schedules will tell you to just add nutrients at water change and only water to top off. That's a recipe for starving a plant. I always top off with a lite amount of nutrients. Actively monitoring your ppm so it doesn't drop too low in DWC is essential for rapid growth.

    Your guides as far as amount of nutrients like cal/mag that you add to your feed water shouldn't not be based in ppm numbers. Your recipe should be in milliliters per gallon of water. I typically add about 3-4ml/gallon of cal/mag.

    The ppm is measured after you've added all nutrients and supplements to your feed right before you put it on the plants. For me 3-500 for good size veg plants is a decent range. In bloom I like to see 600-800ppm. I will let it drift up to close to 1000 but that's about my cutoff. I use GH nutrients.
  6. Lol feeding is challenging. The best advice I have is use a feeding schedule chart from general Hydroponics until you get used to how it works. I'd say you put about 150-250 ppm in cal mag. Now that's ur base of 250 and it includes only cal mag. Now you put in your other fertilizers. The most import thing about ppm is the end value. So for seedling you want no more than 250 total ppms. Once you understand the ppms for each stage then you think of your N-P-K as a percent so for veg go with a 60% 20% 20%. So then you do the math. Like when I go into flower you want high PK low N. so at peak flower week 4 my end ppm value is 1300-1500 and I go with a 20% 40% 40% (N-P-K). Always start with r/o water that has zero ppm. Then build your portfolio from that. Hope this helps. And when making fertilizer it's as easy as S.N.A.P (Supplements, Nutrients, Additives, Ph)
  7. nice infor thx peeps thanks for the "snap" too

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