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  1. I have had a gallon of rainwater with a couple tablespoons of Kelp Meal sitting out in the hot sun for going on 24 hours. It is nice and dark now. I am wondering how most of you would apply this to your MMJ or your landscaping.

    I picked up a garden prayer yesterday and I am going to foliar feed my Fruit Trees which are really suffering right now. I did also want to put it on my girls in the tent. The sprayer is 2 gallons, so I was going to put .5 gallons of the tea in the sprayer at a time and dilute with 1.5 gallons of rainwater.

    Is this too strong? Too weak? Let me know what you think.

  2. I'd use it straight, it's not that concentrated. Hi Jak!
  3. skunk, long time dude. hope things are good on your side. thanks for the advice. Tomorrow morning, I am going to put it in my sprayer with some silicone and spray everything I can with it. This heat is really putting the stress on a lot of my plants. Upped the timer on the watering system and everything. Things are just kinda hanging on, waiting for Fall. Later, Skunk.

  4. Things are kicking...have a Thai at 14 weeks of flower now, under 400hps and a 400mh both side by side...feels like 16 months tho. Better see things with this friggin dust mop, been at it a looooong time. Pretty tho, doesn't have that marijuana look at all, it's been standing there watching all my other plants come and go... and i think it's still going to have about another 4 weeks on it. Smells like skunky chocolate...deffinately a woman's plant! :)
  5. I'm also interested to see how it works.

    Use kelp, just never did a foliar with it.

  6. You never really said what was wrong with the friut tree's but if it's heat stress from weather, like some parts of the country, I have had some luck foliar spraying the tops of sensitive pot plants with an aloe concoction...might consider it. I juice them and portion with water and mist it on...might be a bit too much trouble for whole trees, but then again you can buy the squeezings. Just in case it's a heat thing.
  7. Hiya skunk -"dude-ette" lol,

    I'd love to see some pics of your Thai...........if you feel comfortable posting them. Reminds me of back in the "day". The "day" was in the real early 1970's and Thai Stick was the smoke of choice for discriminating connoisseurs.

    Good to see you around again and hope all is well with you and your family.

  8. I'll pm then to you...ok?
  9. Sounds good.......I'll be looking forward to them.

  10. JaK

    You can get a gallon of aloe vera for $7.00 or $8.00 at Trader Joes and if you mix it 1 cup with 15 cups of water = 1 gallon. Spray that on your trees and cover as much of the leaves as possible.

    Like a lot of things finding information on this or that plant involves going offshore and in the case of aloe vera the best source of information is Australia where there is a large industry in growing and processing this plant.

    Aloe vera is used on heat sensitive crops (like wine grapes) for protection. Then there's the minerals, enzymes and polysaccharides which are provided immediately from the foliar application - compounds that the tree is unable to take up through the root system because of the intense heat.

    If this works as I believe it will there is a better way of sourcing aloe vera extract and will cost you about $.63 per gallon of pure, organic extract. The dilution rate would be the same as the commercial product from Trader Joes.

    Cheap money to save your trees, IMHO

  11. Skunk, thanks for the news on the plant. I am sure we are all interested in seeing your old girl once she comes around to harvest. Matter of fact, be nice to see it anytime.

    LD, I do have some AloeVera, but just a small bottle. I am spraying my grapefruit and lemon tree with this solution kelp and DG Protekt this AM. I will definitely get a gallon of the AV at a health food grocer near me. I saw they had it when I got the small bottle. These poor trees get blasted nearly all day and I am hoping these foliars will help.

    You know, one thing I found was great for a strainer for my sprayer is a "sock" that is made to go onto the surface strainer basket in my pool. It is fairly small, has a strong elastic top and a fine mesh to strain out even the smallest particles from the kelp meal. I washed it out after and can surely use it multiple times. I can drop it into the top of the sprayer and the band holds it into place perfectly.

    Anyway, thanks for the advice guys.

  12. Jak, I parked the picture here:

    LD, thank you for a better priced option, my aloe is 2 ft tall now, but I keep stealing from it and it looks 'tatty'. Sure love a gallon of gel.

    and Jak, i'm jealous of where you are at, you stated the word 'pool'...I so miss the heat and having a pool, up here everyone has a hot tub, and in the winter my hair freezes to the cover while i sit in it :( ...and everyone wonders why my 'share weed' is purple...friggin weather up here is chilly!
  13. Hey Skunk, just got out of the pool. Had to go out for lunch, 30th Anniversary, and then do some shopping - COLD BEER!! It is nice having the pool, but I can't wait until October/November.

    Hey the plants, SHYTE, they are some long legged girls! Legs clean up to her neck! Thanks for sharing the pic.

  14. JaK

    Ya know if you can grow citrus, it's warm enough for you to grow aloe.

    It's easy, plant it in the worst spot alongside your house or wherever and let it go. No water, no nutes, just fuggetaboutit. The west or south wall where it's too hot for anything else is perfect.

    They will send up new plants from the roots (pups), that's what's usually sold at HD or the like. Get a couple and just leave them alone. Dry and hot is what they like.

    They can take a frost, but not a hard freeze.

  15. Shouldn't be a problem to grow it Wet as we have a lot of cactus that we planted and I can't believe how they take off, especially our Agaves. They sprout babies all over the damn place and they get huge. Wish my weed would grow like the Agave does. I'll have to give the Aloe a try, Wet. THanks for the suggestion.


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