Places youve seen 420???

Discussion in 'General' started by cody8892000, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. It seems like a i see 420 EVERYWHERE and sometimes the weirdest places.....

    Post the weird places youve seen 420

    One time i was at work at Burger king and the drive through time was an average of 4:20 and i looked up to the counter and the little letter things they give you when you order was in two stacks the first one 4 and the second stack 20 CRAZYYY
  2. bump (because i posted this at like 3AM or sumtin ) and again its 136AM i just dont have any other time to get on here haha
  3. here in australia we hav four and twenty pies :D
  4. One time I saw 4:20 on a clock.

  5. i really hate 420.
  6. 420 was the number on some guys paintball jersey that I saw a little while ago. I just smiled at it when I saw it, lol.
  7. The amount of EXP I have in Halo 3.
  8. Last year at the marijuana march in Toronto I saw someone holding a sign that said 420.

    Shit was so crazy!
  9. Lots and lots of song lengths.

    Also whenever I see 419 or 421 on something I always think "one away from 420 duuude!!!" in my head, even though I think the whole 420 thing is stupid. I can't help it though.
  10. my bday is 4/21 haha

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