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Places to smoke on the go

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlazedPlatypus, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. I made a thread not long ago about smoking before a workout. I did indeed work out that day after I smoked, but it decreased intensity. Today I'm gonna smoke AFTER my workout, then go to the steam room. Or I may not go to the steam room, I may just smoke on the way home. Do you guys just park somewhere and smoke? I have an idea of where to go, but I would like to consult you guys for any ideas that might be better.

    Where do you guys smoke in your car?
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    if im in a car, i only smoke while driving and always by myself. sitting stationary while blazing is not recommended, at least by me. ;)
    just be safe.
  3. I'd take my time and wait till i get home, i wouldnt risk it.
  4. I take a one hitter and blow out the window when driving. Whatever you do, do not park in an empty parking lot or Anywhere that would be sketchy enough to have a cop check out why you are parked.. Learned that the hard waySent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Shit ill go on a 15min dobbie cruise and not see another car on the road during the day, so yeah I blaze in my truck a lot while driving.
  6. i never blase it in my car at all, its too special to me but i smoke in my house but i always blow it out, cus some people dont enjoy the drug ass much as we do
  7. yeah man just the other day i was posted up in a parking lot smoking a blunt and about halfway through i look to my left and theres a cop maybee 75 feet away from me posted up just stalking me. i pulled out right after i saw him and he tailed me for 5 mins then fucked off.
  8. I once smoked the entire state of Wisconsin whilst on the go.
    Yes sir, puffin' on 'sconsin all the way down to Mississippi.
  9. I never sit in a car smoking, I always keep moving. There are a ton of back roads in the small town I live in so it's easy to get away from cops and cars. If I'm being cautious I keep the windows cracked and don't fishbowl, and I always smoke a few cigarettes after.
  10. Best way is to smoke and drive honestly. Cops LOOVVVEE to roll up on you and question you as to why your "parked here." But if you don't wanna smoke and drive find somewhere quiet but not to quiet, busy but not too too busy. (Obviously not in a super wal mart parking lot in the afternoon) you just gotta blend. If it's night time even better, find a dark empty spot in a lot turn off everything and smoke. Look me and my girl hot box almost everytime we smoke and haven't been busted once and we have to fishbowl it aka windows aren't tinted at all. Just stay alert if your not familiar with that spot. Shit the nosey soccer moms in their mini vans be out more than the police !Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    I'd advise you to not smoke in your car regardless of whether or not you'd be driving or stationary ,because if you do so happen to get pulled over after smoking the cop could smell the stench of marijuana and assume you're driving while under the influence and charge you with DWI ,or even worse the 5-0 could roll up on you mid toke (then you'd really be fucked). Play it smart and just wait until you get home friend.
  12. Don't drive while high unless you sure you can homie. Otherwise, just post up right outside your driveway and toke up  :bongin:
  13. What I do is just vape and just cos I got this filthy stealth vape (arizer solo) thats super easy to use while driver it doesnt look suspicious at all lol. For smoking though id usually find a spot in the neighborhood that has no houses to either side of you and park n smoke there then I cruise slappin some dope ass music lolSent from my SM-N900V using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  14. 90% of my seshes are in the car with a pipe. if it's during the day, i just go to a not very busy area of town (the town i live in is great for this and has so many back roads) and drive around that area at a normal speed and smoke up. at night it's the same. occasionally, i'll smoke behind my work place and that's where i used to do it all the time right after work because all the managers smoke and the one who doesn't is my friend lol. 
    when i was young and dumb we used to park and do it which was so stupid. we did it so many times in broad daylight today while parked. we did it once in a restaurant parking lot and then twenty mins later realized that there was a dude in the car one spot over. another time we did it in the mall parking lot while it was raining really hard during the day, so that wasn't so bad. but now i just go where i know there's no cars and drive. 
  15. i bet you thought you were caught too LOL

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