Places to shop in NYC?

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  1. I'm graduating soon so im going to New York for a few days. What I'd like to know is, where are some good places to shop for streetwear? I'm into brands like Creative Rec's, Alife, Cheap Monday, Mishka, Apliiq and a few others.

    Besides clothing, I'm also interested in art, books and music, so if you have any recomendations I would appreciate it. Thanks, peace.:smoke:
  2. Couple intresting stores.

    Mondo Kim's (music, movies, etc)

    The Strip bookstore

    both downtown
  3. anyone else?
  4. soho...

    thats where i like to go whenever im up there...

    but i have a friend from there so he knows everything we just follow him
  5. If you're on a budget, Salvation Army never hurts.
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    heh I actually work @ one on this side of d river ;) Get most of my shit from there lol. I think there one one 8th street and umm, like 4th or 3rd ave downtown? Never actually went to em.

    and yeh, SoHo got boku galleries if you down with art, of course not the only artsy area, but there is a pretty thick concentration of art galleries of all sizes and trendy lil shops.

    edit:: ohh, if you're a baseball cap wearer, be sure to check out d New Era Flagship store in nyc!

    (everything I'm telling you is downtown, some great shopping up on 125th, but I try not to send out-of-towners to Harlem lol)
  7. Hmm, are the ones around here hiring? Because I could really use a job. Unemployment is low and the job scene is sucking eggs.
  8. Supreme and DQM.
  9. Got no idea lol, but great place to work, free shit makes up for the fact dey cheap bastards!

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