Places to move in British Columbia for work?

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  1. just wondering. i'm moving there after i'm done taking welding. where's the place to be?
  2. Stay away from anywhere on the Island, from my experience as a tradesman.

    What type of welder are you wanting to be? What certification? CWB? What are your goals and monetary goals? Only plan to work in town?

    If I was a welder and had to choose BC, I would honestly work out of town as a stick welder for SAGD projects. Easy work.
    10 and 4, 14 and 7, or 21 and 7 shifts. Most are 10.5 hour days.

    Your own rig, roughly $120/hr (reg rate), and you choose wherever to live in BC you desire.

    Current fair job opportunity areas are:
    BC - Ft. Nelson, and other northern province projects
    AB - Conklin, Lloydminster, Ft. Mckay, Cold Lake,
    SK - Edam, Esterhazy
  3. Make sure you have legal status when you go to BC, with either a work visa, residence or citizenship. Every job I have ever had asked me for BC healthcare info, and for a Social Insurance Number.

    Avoid smaller towns if you are looking for work that pays well. Be aware that hydro bills get expensive, groceries are expensive outside of cities, and have fun watching Alberta drivers run their cars into our many ditches.

    Northern BC has a lot of money to be made, but it is cold as hell. It is just really really cold. Most of the places on the list above can go to -20 degrees Celsius easily.

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