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places to hide my bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iRaffica, May 22, 2010.

  1. Im going to order a bong off here soon but there not very easy to hide. Do you guys know any good places to hide them?
  2. do your parents check your room and shit?
  3. No but my mom searched my bros room and found his bong and she has a weird schedule so she could search it for like two hours why im at school. I can easily hide my stash but a bong is much larger.
  4. well if u dont smoke the bong at home often, u can keep it in your car or somewhere safe outside. but if u smoke it alot at home, then put it in a different room thats easily accessible. your mom wont suspect it in a different room, especially if the room isnt used often. u should clean it alot tho so it wont stink up the room
  5. your rectum.
  6. I hide my in my swim bag, or gym bag.
  7. I'm trying to think where I used to hide mine. I think it was, if you take out the bottom drawer of the common dresser there is a large empty space for lots of things to hide. Hope I'm helping.
  8. How big is it?
    Anyways, I hide mine inside a guitar case like this one
    And I just put it off to the side in my closet. It really is great since it has a pocket inside it too where you can put pipes and lighters and shit. It can also hold a few bongs depending on the size.
  9. I either just put mine in my closet or a random luggage bag, not that I really need to.
  10. Put a lampshade on top of it, and put it in the corner of your room.

    Your mom will be none the wiser :rolleyes:
  11. before i told my mom i smoked i used to hide my bong in our basement bathroom under the sink in the cabinet. no one other than me uses that bathroom and its on a different floor than my room. got anything like that?
  12. Lol my mom knows I have a bong, hell she went with my bro to get it from Village Sensations when I was 15
    I still hide it though, just in case. It came with a case that looks like a pillow, pretty slick. :cool:
  13. i hide my bong in a box with all of my other shit under my bed but thats only if i plan on using it today other than that i will put the box in the back of my closet
  14. Stick a flower in it and say it's a vase.
  15. Remember to take out the bowl.....or say its for adding plant food close to the roots. Yeah, that'll do the trick.
  16. Take the slide out and put a lamp shade over it.

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