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  1. I know somewhere in the forums is a bunch of links to trusted seed banks but im not sure where. I need somewhere that accepts credit cards. And trustworthy of course.

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  2. Attitude I found the best I had 2 others fuck me over
  3. Attitude?

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  4. Attitude seed bank..
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  5. I had this problem my card wouldn't go through any websites I must have tried 10 different sites even ones a friend of mine personally used and I finally got some from but I used bit coin. I used the website coin base and entered my card and made an account there and it translate usd to bit coins and you can buy like that and you get a 10%discount I believe I was very hesitant and shady about it but It worked out no problem and they got here in less than a couple weeks

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  6. pay by bitcoin and use a BS name on the mailing address...also pay for the guaranteed stealth shipping and YOUR guaranteed to get the seeds you payed for and in can vouch for the quality ...


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  7. Growers choice seeds. Smaller selection than some seed banks but got my delivery in less than a week, didn't need to hide anything they just delivered in a regular usps box! Easy

    First grow journal
  8. the best seeds and fast delivery

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  9. Considering that 8 or 9 states are legal for recreational cannabis - has that made seeds more available in the US? And if not - why not? Just curious - I have always ordered from Attitude with never a problem.
  10. Anyone who does that is asking for trouble.
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  11. Thank you to everyone for helping me out, im about to order some grand daddy purp from attitude. Thank you all again.

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  12. Sorta. I was in Colorado looking for seeds. We checked with all the dispensaries in the small town I was in. Most of the dispensary workers didn't know what feminized seeds were. One of them told me it was impossible to have only female seeds. I didn't bother correcting her. I was able to get some seeds there but only regular seeds. The selection of strains were really poor. Probably easier in larger cities like Denver to find feminized or auto seeds or more known strains. I feel like they don't really want to sell quality seeds. They don't want you to grow. They want you to have to buy their bud. I could be wrong. Maybe just uneducated since Colorado just came legal recently. Idk

    Edit- None of the choices of strains
    I was offered were the same strains of bud they sell. Like I bought Gorilla Glue bud from there but I definitely wasn't going to find Gorilla Glue seeds there.
  13. dude they didn't know what feminized seeds were? wtf were they even doing there? The guys around here are very knowledgable bud-tenders. And always very friendly. AS far as not wanting to sell quality seeds...well, I think its a two way street. As a private citizen we would have an easier time getting the amount of seeds we need, compared to a dispensary. They couldn't be able to rely on international shipping and prices to run their shop on. You certainly would't go to a dispensary and pay $20 a seed just for the privilege of buying it there, when you could order the same one online for half the price.
    What they guys by me did is team up with a quality breeder that was semi-local. I have purchased just 1 kind of seed from them and it has turned into my favorite strain, though I got a pineapple chunk that is getting pretty damn close to finishing ;) .
    To the OP, I have had good luck ordering from Barneys USA. But that was before 2017, and they took my credit card. I have spoken to some who have had issues with paying on their site. Personally since I got my seeds, I will probably just keep cloning since I know what i'm getting from them and they so are pretty lol. But there are some strains I've always wanted to try.
  14. They were pretty knowledgeable when it comes down to flower, edible, etc. They know the "high" you will get from each flower. Only one guy there acted like he knew what I was talking about when I mentioned feminized or auto seeds but he couldn't help me. The rest were confused and acted like I didn't know what I was talking bout when I mentioned those seeds.

    Where are the dispensaries you mention located? I might need to take vacation soon lol.
  15. I live in michigan. Its only legal for medicinal use here.

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