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Places to apply to: Desperation shaking hands with boredom.

Discussion in 'General' started by xlikelocusts, Jun 23, 2009.

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    I need another job.
    I was thinking GC could help me make a giant list of big companies that I could apply to.

    :D +10 good karma points if you help.

    Home depot.
    Best buy.

    ^ like this.

    Anything you can think of, anything at all.
  2. sell yourself
  3. i work at publix and it's bad ass. apply there.
  4. This. If your good you can make damn good money.
  5. Yea man this could be useful for a lot of us without jobs
  6. For sure. I'm looking as well. Have been for like a month since I quit a job...which I never should've quit. I never thought it'd be this hard to find a fucking job...anywhere!
  7. I hear Starbucks has great benefits even for part time employees.
  8. Man I've been jobless for like a year now, sucks having no money for anything and being dry it so frustrating! haven't smoked for weeks, i know how the op feels its so hard to pull through this boredom. But it'll be that much better once i finally get a job hopefully soon.

  9. i use to work for the marriot a few years back selling time share

    the commission's good

    no d/t

    and theres a time share spot in pretty much every state.

    i think they have telemarketing call centers as well

    was a good job tho
  10. Thanks for the responses.
  11. Lowes and Home Depot are good places. I heard they have good pay and benefits. I think they drug test though (not entirely sure though)

    Starbucks, IMO, would be stressfull and annoying. Think of your the customers; either stuck up rich soccer moms or stuck up rich business people

    Best Buy would be ok. You do a lot of sales rep type stuff though, which isnt my thing.


    Apply to a gas station. I work at one and I love it. I dont want to name drop, but mine is even in Fortune Magazine's Top 100 Companies to Work For every year. I think they got #20 or something last year. VERY good pay and LOTS of benefits. Plus the job is really easy. Just restocking and working register. My long shifts fly by because I'm always busy.
  12. YMCA, they *MAY* do a pre-employment drug test but they won't after that.

    Fast Food restaurants, they're generally pretty easy to work at.
  13. True. A once-acquaintance of mine was walking in Chicago his freshman year of college when some guy randomly asked him if he wanted to make $10,000. He accepted and was on some (from what I heard) popular gay-porn sites.

    True story. I swear. He became the laughing stock at my old high school.
  14. scratch that im high as hell right now hahahaaaaaaaaaaa
  15. Starbucks Doesn't Drug Test.


  16. Have you not been listening to the news? For the like the past 9 months theyve been screaming "THE JOB MARKET IS DOWN KEEP YOUR JOBS!!!! MASSIVE LAYOFFS!!!!"

    Did you not expect that shit? LOL
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    Bed bath and beyond
    Sports Authority
    Toys r us
    dollar store
    The mall
    movie theater(always hiring)
    chicken kitchen
    Food court at the mall
    retail stores at the mall
    Resteraunts as a bus boys or waiter
    and at a hotel as bag boy
    thats all i can think of lol...
  18. Fixed, don't assume just because the one near you doesn't test that they all dont
  19. Hell, if Starbucks dosen't drug test and they have good benefits even for part time, I should apply there.

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