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Places that dont drug test.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by vXiRiSHXv, Oct 28, 2011.

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    Ill do my best to compose a list of jobs/companies that dont drug test. If you have worked somewhere and the didnt drug test you reply to the thread and ill edit the list. So far:

    Fast Food
    Burger King
    Taco Bell

    Retail Stores
    Dick's Sporting Goods
    Bed Bath and Beyond.

    Food Service
    Ruby Tuesdays
    TGI Fridays
    Charlie Browns
    Red Lobster

    i'll add more tomorrow. Night guys.:smoke:

    Edit: If your wondering if the place your looking to work at drug tests check this page.

  2. I dont think too many places drug test. Bed Bath & Beyond is not a stoners job, people. trust me i work there.
  3. I'm just trying to help people out. I tried googling this subject and had a bit of difficulty
  4. Spirit halloween, except seasonal job soo might have to wait till next.season

  5. Dicks sporting goods requires a background check.... idk about drug test, but it could be a part of it
  6. Dicks definitely requires drug test at least initially because they sell weapons/ammunition.

    Place that doesn't: Regal Theaters (not to mention the free movie hookup)
  7. Thanks for the list man, definately needed this as i'm looking for a job.
  8. If its a franchise wouldn't it depend on the location and owner?

    I said fuck that, got off my ass, went door to door and offered car washes and landscaping. I get paid at least 10 an hour and no one has made me pee in a cup. I dont pay taxes, Im not paying into social security Im getting back and fuck minimum wage.
    Most of my money goes into grow equipment now, Im addicted.. "Hi my name is Vox and Im a grower"

  9. They only drug test if your applying for that department. My friend is a cashier, he's not qualified to handle any of the weapons and was not drug tested.
  10. Outback Steakhouse
  11. Nike doesnt DT at any level. I know a guy who is head of operations in the jordan building and he blazes almost all day.
  12. Staples, does not.
  13. rite aid does not, k mart does not
  14. Staples Office Supply Superstore

    It might be hard to believe, but I was a manager there and neither associates nor management were required to pass a drug test.
  15. Does anyone know for sure, if Spirit Halloween drug test? I am having a second interview with district manager to be a store manager at a location, and google didn't really help.
  16. Dollar general store drugs test..

    Some of the nursing homes dont.

    caseys general store doesnt
  17. Pizza places do not drug test.

    This includes Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa Johns, etc.
  18. the vast majority of jobs that drug test will only test you in the hiring stages; and then never again unless they have reason to believe you're coming to work intoxicated. Drug testing is expensive, they're not going to be testing you on any sort of regular basis, if ever again haha.

    My advice is just take a month or two t-break; you'll have way more options, probably end up with a better job with better pay; and you'll lose your tolerance. Plus if you think quitting smoking sounds impossible or awful, you're wrong; its definitely a good exercise of will power and self control to take a break. And seriously; if you can't handle not smoking for a little bit just to get a good job that will supply you with more weed mor often then you probably need to evaluate your own addictive personality haha; also something a break would do wonders for!

  19. that's because they tell you to "just do it"

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