Places that carry nitrous chargers

Discussion in 'General' started by GreenScreen, May 17, 2006.

  1. anybody know any specific stores that carry nitrous chargers?
  2. Ummm, dont supermarkets have those nitrous bottles to refill whipped cream cans? Im not sure.
  3. well i went and looked yesterday at Bi-lo. i know you guys dont have those out in cali, but its just a basic grocery store, and they didnt have any. does anybody know if walmart carries them or somethin
  4. Why on earth would anyone refill a whip cream can?? Wouldnt it just be easier to buy a new one?
  5. i really hope this is a joke lol.

    BUT hmmm. i know that walmart carries some.
  6. so walmart does carry the chargers. and you know what i mean by chargers right? like the little cylinders
  7. yes iknow what u mean lol..Ive done many a whip it.
  8. haha alright. thanks for the help man

  9. I think they're for special re-useable cans.
  10. go to a porn shop, they almost definitely got em there... everyone i been in so far had em

  11. LOL wtf??? :confused:
    porn shops?????
    Does nitrous enhance sex or something?
  12. haha thats exactly why. and yea they do have reusable whipcream cans that gourmet food places use to make their own whipcream, and yea you can use those to do nitrous. but ive got a cracker instead of one of those. and the chargers that were talkin about are little cylinders of nitrous that look like the co2 cylinders you put in bb guns if youve ever seen those

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