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  1. In a grow tent project does the fan go inside or outside of the tent? or does it even matter?
  2. uh you have to blow air ON your plants. So I would think you would want the fan inside.
  3. you put the fan as far away from the tent as possible, then, you un plug it and leave it off, hahaha no man im kiddin, get a nice cheap oscillating fan and pop in it there to just keep air moving, and the slight breeze makes the stems of sprouts and younger plants stronger naturally... so its a win win hahaha, and it can keep the temp down if your not using a ton of lights for a ton of plants...
  4. lol ya good one guys.. Nah, what I meant to ask was for the Carbon air Filter Fan. I have two 6" vortex fans. Can I put one inside and the other outside? or what do you suggest?
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    It doesn't really matter, some say the fan works better pushing air and some say it works better pulling air. I would put it on the inside sucking air through the filter then blowing it out of the room. Also I wouldn't use both of the fans unless you have 2 different exhaust locations.
  6. The fan should be inside the tent, I think.

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