Place to buy growing supplies?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by imacannagirl, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. Hi. Just wondering if you all had a place to goto to buy supplies? I'm trying, in my way, to support and promote legal home growing. I think autos have a bright future with the personal use growers.

  2. Hey there i get my stuff from a local garden center and i buy my seeds online and head shops round my way :)
    If your growing autos check my auto help page it shows that autos can and are very good plants had autos with buds the size of 2L soda bottles well bigger but just as thick :)

    auto help page if you need help with autoflowers

    new vote page sept please vote
  3. Seems everyone always either go to their local grow shop or nursery. Someone even said eBay and amazon. C'mon really?
  4. Northern Lights Gardening or Hoagtech are local to me (Bellingham, WA), but both do phone or online ordering, and ship. I'd list others, but as is, this post might be deleted as advertising.
  5. Almost all of my equipment comes through eBay. Seeds from attitude seedbank. I get a few things from a local garden centre, but most of the things used are pretty specialized and they just don't sell any locally. I probably wouldn't want to be seen buying grow supplies given the option anyway

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