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    I am lost.
    I am confused.

    I am lost and confused, as to where I am.
    And where I should be.

    Where I am,
    Isn't where I should be,

    And where I should be,
    Isn't where I am.

    That's my problem.
    Which leads me back to the same question,

    Where am I?

    I need to find my place.
    Where I can be alone.

    Where I cannot be found,
    Where I cannot be touched.

    I need to find some place,

    Where I can be free.
  2. [ame=]YouTube - Ziggy Marley - Be Free[/ame]
  3. "Everytime I try to go where I really want to be it's already where I am, cuz I'm already there." -Sugar, System of a Down
  4. HOLY SHIT i forgot System of a Down even existed!!!!
    thanks H2O I'm gonna go listen to them on youtube now.
  5. You don't have to go far to find the answer, the answer is always from the within.

    But I don't have the answer, and that is the problem. I know I have it, inside, but am not able to reach it.

    Or dig it out.

    I need to do something incredibly stupid, before I finally reach the answer.

    But I'm afraid to do that 'something incredibly stupid', because everytime I do it, something always goes wrong.... and have a seriously negative effect on my life, and on the lives of the people around me.

    So I need to find out, how to manage this anger, before I blow up and hurt the ones I love.
  6. exactly! you have met god i can tell. i hope this doesnt sound gay but you are a gentle soul deep down. i can feel the vibe.
  7. Shieeet.... that tickles man... LoL :D
  8. haha win!

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