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place that sells tiny mason jars?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 520medicineman, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. been using this "airtight" jar I picked up from my headshop for 8$ and it's complete shit. It's not airtight at all and I miss my old mini mason jar. I went to the place you'd think they'd have them (Ace Hardware) and their smallest size is big enough to hold an ounce, and a tiny one they did have was only sold in packs of 12.

    I need to know of a place that sells tiny airtight mason jars that would hold anywhere from an eigth to a quarter oz.
  2. I got mine from Walmart. It's a nice square glass jar with a lid that has a rubber gasket. Works perfectly.

    I don't know if you'll be able to get one that is tiny. Mine is like the size of two fists.
  3. i just go to walmart and go to the candel section and buy little candel.then i burn it down and clean it out and use that.
  4. I really don't know were you could get it because it's so old, but I have a small rubber sealed glass herb jar. It used to have a mixture of grinder herbs in it, found it in the drawer when I moved. It could fit a decent amount in it. I suppose you can look around the spice sections in grocery stores but I doubt you'll find it.

    I've heard Gerber baby food jars are airtight. Those are everywhere.
  5. Have you tried looking at any local antique shops?
    Any time I'm there, it's hard for me not to catch a glimpse of a jar that would be perfect to put herb in. :)
  6. Grocery store. I mean, really. Go buy a jar of whatever you want (Strawberry jam), once empty, fill with weed. Now your weed smells like strawberries!
  7. 1. buy the 12 pack.
    2. Buy a QP.
    3. Fill the jars with bud.
    5. profit.
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    Doooo iiittt
  9. This.

    Walmart has various sizes of these air tight jars ranging between like $2-$10. They are in the housewares section I believe, no need to try to clean out a jar of something.
  10. Get those Tiny little baby food jars at grocery stores
  11. Why don't you just go and buy a little jar of paprika or any other spices? They're usually pretty small and airtight. Although small in the UK and small in the US are two different things.
  12. They've got tiny 4oz Kerr (made by Ball) canning jars at Walmart around here. Those are big enough for about a quarter.
  13. If walmart does not have the small ones try a craft store like AC Moore or Micheals
  14. they have really tiny glass mason jars at target,they sell them in packs of 3 for like 5.18 without tax.each one can hold probably an 8th maybe more.
    there the nice mason jars to they have the metal clamp and rubber seal that keeps them airtight.
  15. Sounds like an empty pill bottle with the reverse seal in the lid is what you`re looking for.
  16. I use a minced garlic jar but the lid that comes with it reeks and will make your bud smell like garlic so I used a different lid that wouldn't smell

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