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  1. Alright, so I wanna get another tattoo, and i have the design and stuff in mind. I found this really cool take on the sagittarius symbol, but i need some opinion on where I should get it done. Im either thinking on my right bicep/arm, the inside of my left arm down to the wrist, or down the right side of my upper body, starting a little under the armpit. Here what I want, the main one in the middle, and the little one underneat the arrow. What do you guys think?

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  2. That would look sick on your back or on your ribs (no homo)
  3. i'd say definately your the the upper middle part..not too far up...but not the dead center of the back
  4. hmm, i already have one on my back, shoulder to shoulder, so im not sure if it woould go with it, could tho, im pumped,lol.:hello:
  5. too bad you already have one on your back. that'd be sweet, shoulder to shoulder, pretty big.

    maybe on one of your arms, starting around the top of your shoulder, going down to your sleeve line? it'd still be pretty fuckin big if you think about it
  6. Im sorry. But I said my next tattoo was going to be something less meaning full and more just to show art... and well Im going to steal your idea and get this somewhere on my body.:) Because i cant find this particular sagittarius symbol, Im just going to print out your provided picture and see what the tattoo artist comes up with.(Im sad to say the owners wife that did my tattoo was killed by her husband who then killed himself)

    Thanks for the idea. Might either get it over my right back shoulder or lower right back and have part of it be on my ass cheek.
  7. I'd say it would look best on one of your obliques.
  8. Adam's apple
  9. Am I really the one that has to say this? Do it on your cock dude, the ladies love it.
  10. In the middle of the scrotum.
  11. The prob with getting ink in that shape under the arm is that it's going to twist like a mofo when you show it. If you do get it done there, go as far away from the armpit as possible. I have two ink jobs under my arms to keep them protected from the sun. I just wish I had them a little bit lower.

    I think your idea on the side of your body is great. It will give room for it to be big enough to get some real good detail. Plus, you give the artist more room to add to it without making it look like a blob

  12. Thanks for all the input, i think im heading in today to get some prices, and pmb dnt be sorry, show me when its done!! fellow GC'ers with the same tattoo but A little twist on each one, badass :hello:
  13. Put it on the face. Face tats all day.
  14. ribs!! ive got a big piece on my hurts real bad..but it would look sick!

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