PL-L 55w... how many lumens REALLY?

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    There have been threads here and there about these alternatives to 2' T5-HO called PL-L, Dulux-L, etc. which boasts a staggering 4800 lumens per bulb. HTGsupply claims 5000 lumens per bulb! For the uninformed these are like 4' T5 tubes, but they are curved back on itself to fit into a 2' length. They are technically CFL's because they are bent.

    However, these lumen specifications seem to be different for different 55W PL-L type bulbs. For instance, here's the exact same PL-L bulb made by Philips which is listed at 3650 lumens (Philips 138446 - PL-L 55W/950/4P - NAED 20725 - 55 Watt - 4 Pin 2G11 Base - 5300K - CFL Light Bulb). HTGsupply claims their bulbs put out 5000 lumens (High Tech Garden Supply). One poster said he bought Dulux-L bulbs which was specified at 4800 lumens, but the package said 3000 lumens (Wiring TG11 Socket Remote CFL lamps - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums). Here is one by GE that lists it as 4100 lumens (

    How can the same type of 55w bulbs create different lumen outputs? If they really are 3000-3650 lumens, then they are in fact, much less efficient than 2 standard 2' T5-HO 24w tubes. Are there any experts here that can resolve this confusion? I really feel that these lumen claims are exaggerated or there are significant differences in how the lumens of the different bulbs were measured. The 2' 24w T5-HO consistently specify 2000 lumens across the board, while these lesser known PL-L's are highly variable in their specified lumen output.
  2. Idk but I found your thread trying to research before I bought htg fixture. I say fuck it :D
    cant beat the price and Im only using to get the seedlngs where they need to be until there ready to go under the 400 watt, which Im getting from them as well can't beat 197.60 shipped with a Hortilux bulb, reflector, and ballast :hello:
  3. I have the Tek 2lamp and today just picked up th Tek 4 lamp supposedly 10,000 lumens...not to sure if that's real or hype.... Anyone else using the htg supply Tek T5?

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