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PK's roof-top organic grow

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by ParanoiaKills, Jul 29, 2017.


Will I have a successful harvest....?

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  1. Okay very cool sounds like you're on your way.
    yeah I know what you mean about the fish bone meal I know exactly what you mean I got like three 5 pound bags in my soil I made this year yeah it'll make you gag.
    I also made tea with another 5 lb bag also kelp and Budswell and dark brown surger. Used that through the end of June right through the third week of July. Or 1 week after I started covering the grow. I started on the 15th of July.
    I'm making molasses and coconut milk tea today this will be the third helping they've had in the last 3 weeks a little tiny bit of Jamaican bat guano just to give them a little kicker.

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  2. Been a few days, got the wife to let me borrow her nice camera, and I actually have some decent pics today. Lol. Enjoy :smoke:

    I'm too stoned to write any more then this at the moment [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    PK's roof-top organic grow
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  3. Buds are getting bigger, the auto is officially on its way to flowering, and Chem D seems to be hungry, can't quite figure her out. Seems like it's a calcium deficiency, pretty sure. I've been giving her some foliar feeding of Epsom salts, try and perk her up. Already top dressed her too. For her next watering I'm going to make a nice batch of compost tea, if that doesn't make her happy nothing will. Chem D isn't my special soil either, might have something to do with that. All the other soil is locked in at 6.2 ph solid, where ChemD is higher at 7

    Everything else looks fantastic tho. My closet is up and running with two seedlings also. Here's some bud porn. Closet light is off tho, I'll post pics in a couple days of the closet grow

    Spider mites are officially dead, nowhere to be found. Fix one problem and you come across another lol.

    Here's the auto[​IMG]

    Here's cookie[​IMG]

    And here's hungry Chem D[​IMG]

    PK's roof-top organic grow
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  4. Looking good mate
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  5. As promised, here's the pic of the closet I've got up and running. I think I'm going to slowly work the auto that's on my roof into this closet, within the matter of this week or so. She will get many more hours of light indoors, and she's clean of pests, I've checked three days in a row to make sure

    Seedlings are about 8-9 days old. They're getting transplanted into buckets tomorrow. I've got some EWC tea brewing for them for when they're ready for the transplant, cookie will be getting EWC also. Other two plants will get tea on Friday, they aren't ready for water yet

    Both seedlings are forest fruits. The newer addition to the closet is the caramelicious. Temps in the closet are great, peaking at 80, going down to 75 at night[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    PK's roof-top organic grow
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  6. Been what, 5-6 days since I've uploaded some bud porn?? Things are certainly getting bushy here, buds are getting bigger everyday. Haven't had sun in days either, hurricane Jose leaves tomorrow tho, so hopefully sun Saturday.

    The auto is back outside also. She got a little fried in the closet haha, went in one morning after her first full night in the closet and she wasn't looking happy. She's looking good nowadays tho

    Seedlings in the closet have been transplanted into buckets, maybe 2-3 days ago. Everyone also got some poop tea that day also, everyone but the auto, she wasn't ready for water.

    Yesterday was a pretty crazy day, with the hurricane being at its peak here. I made sure to water before the hurricane came in, make the buckets as heavy as I possibly could, little rain is fine, but it'd suck if they blew away. Lmao. I refuse to take them in also, fuck that, they're fine

    But here's some pics, first up is cookie 27836736_Unknown.JPG [​IMG][​IMG]

    Next we got hungry Chem D, which seems to be less hungry after her top dressing and worm poop tea. Calcium deficiency seems to have stopped progressing. She packed on weight quickly after addressing her problems, she wasn't as big as cookie when it all first started [​IMG][​IMG]

    Next up is the auto. Only one pic for her, kinda blurry, meh. Oh well. She's not as far along as the others, as those who follow along know, but she is catching up, and frost is just starting to be visible all over her [​IMG]

    Bout it for today. Closet is off, they're small anyway, not much to see. Going away this weekend, will be the first multiple days the plants will be alone. Just trying to figure out which to water, and which not, I thought I had it nailed down, but with the hurricane came humidity, now a couple won't quite be ready for water tomorrow. It's all good

    PK's roof-top organic grow
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  7. Quick update today :) gotta make it brief tho, building a small greenhouse since my bushes are dead, and have a friend coming over soon. It's been 6 days, and buds are plumping up. Took some flashlight pics to show crystals also :)

    Edit:these pics were actually taken yesterday, never got a chance to type and upload this yesterday

    First is cookie[​IMG][​IMG]

    Next we've got hungry Chem D


    And we've got a pic of the auto outside also. No crystal pic for her, she's got some frostiness, but not like the other girls


    Pick leak inside the grow closet too. One my my plants is a mutant, which is pretty cool. It grew a leaf as a node basically, and now the cola is growing out the side, or some shit I don't even know lol. But check it out


    The auto is officially in the closet, and I think she's there to stay as of last night, she seems to be adapting well this time around. I also defoliated Chem D pretty heavily, she had a lot of leaves in the bottom growing foot pad

    PK's roof-top organic grow
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  8. Today is a quick update on how awesome my mutant plant is. Lol

    So I've got this forest fruits auto, that's about 3 weeks in. I noticed an odd mutation right away, as instead of growing a double node, it grew one node, then this weird ass huge fan leaf. We've all had mutations, and most are negative, tho maybe 10-15% are positive mutations, I almost threw it out right away

    But I kept it, and it looks like I've got three top nodes at the moment. Almost like I topped it, but not quite, as well as this weird ass 11 finger fan leaf, with a mega thick, almost curved asparagus shaped stem, with two of the leafs growing on the underside of the leaf itself. What I'm saying probably makes no sense lol, so I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking

    This might be a pretty decent auto, long story short

    I also took apart my LED yesterday to replace two lights, turns out the motor is what's dead, kinda sucks. Oh well. Might grab a couple mars 400, might not, see what happens[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    PK's roof-top organic grow
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  9. Roof top update today things are still relatively headache free. Found a couple spider mites on Chem for the first time ever, I'm doing some very light spraying on fan leaves only, making sure to not get any pepper spray on buds. I've only found a few, not sweating it. Pistols are starting to turn red, where as last week basically all pistols were white still. Calyxes are still not swollen yet, very small still, I think I'm in the beginning of week 5 flowering. Still got a few more weeks to punch on some extra buds, usually week 6 has the most bud production so I'm pretty stoked for next week.

    Creating a worm poop tea today for everyone, all plants will be ready for water tomorrow. Closet is shut off, things are looking good in there as well tho, can't complain about anything. Caramel is showing me she wants some calcium, which is the reason for the poop tea, I'll throw in plenty of glacier dust into the mixture

    Ok enough gabbing, let's get some bud porn up. As usual, cookie comes first. Got a different perspective today, with the sun getting lower figured I'd get the best light for shooting at a reverse angle as I normally do


    Next up is Chem, spider mites ridden hungry motherf**ker she is but she still looks great and is surely plumping out buds, so she is still dearly loved


    PK's roof-top organic grow
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  10. Been busy, but I'll post a quick update. All tricks are at least milky, no clear tricks left, and about 5% are amber, just a few here and there. So the plants could be harvested at any point now, but I'm trying to drag it out for two more weeks. Still haven't had a frost yet so everything is surviving just fine. Condensation has been happening past few days with this cold weather tho, so I gave both plants a massive haircut, prob 70 leaves each, in order to keep the mold and mildew away. But I've got a quick pic, November 1st would be the ideal chop date, I'll keep you all posted [​IMG]

    PK's roof-top organic grow
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  11. Looking good man ;) fuck I hate spider mites little bastards they are had them in last crop n sprayed with green clean straight away n well that was end of them haha I'm close to chopping mine now widow and blue tooth both fattened right up now all cloudy but not seing ambers yet grrrr and 3 supers are still about week and half off all hairs starting to change colour now :) lol I don't even scope those anymore haha grown that many now just look n know there ready hahaha
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