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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Zosogirl, May 11, 2011.

  1. Just wondering, if i put bud on pizza and eat it, will it still get me fucked up?

    Well I mean I don't see why it wouldn't, but I need to know how fucked you'd get off it and for how long.
  2. It would probably get you high if you put the weed in the oven with the pizza while its cooking. Just wrap the weed in cheese so it absorbs all the thc into the fat of the cheese.
  3. cook bud in a small amount of oil and then just brush oil on pizza
  4. If you want to avoid all the high nonsense I go on about, just go to the bolded section for my guess at a nice edible pizza

    I've only made edibles twice in my life. Once I took about a half ounce of shake, schwag, seeds, stems, and ABV, and cooked it in oil for about 20 minutes. I then immediately filtered and put the oil in a brownie batch. Made the brownies, they weren't extremely potent. But hey for some crap weed(Lack of THC) they did justice. My buddy who ate a shitload, and was shitfaced as was, said he woke up five hours later and worked high as a bitch for another 4, so they worked really well for him.

    Anyway, for the amount I ate of it I came to the conclusion, that method was fine but not satisfactory. So I then took five grams of schwag(the last I had), a whole other quarter of ABV, more seed and stems, then the oily stuff I had from before that I never threw out.(So I assumed might as well be potent still) I placed all of that in two sticks of butter, let it cook for about twenty minutes, put in glass jar, and let it sit close to 36 hours. I was only planning on 24 but that's the way it all worked out. Reheated it, took a 98 cent thing of cookie batter, placed the egg and filtered cannabutter liquid in. Mixed well, placed in oven as a sheet.(Seriously, my main oven is broken and hand cooking 3 dozen small cookies in a mini toaster oven would of infuriated me even though I was vaked as a mother) Now these if I eat about the equivilant of 4-8 cookies, will get me baked as fuck from no stone at all, and after that first bite, it just tastes like cookie. The smell is very subtle. I seriously cannot wait to fucking get some experience behind me under my own house(live with parent) with edibles, making ice cream and like chocolate fudge. ... :smoking:

    So anyway my point with all that, besides being baked as fuck and putting my thoughts down, is that you gotta steep your weed for a while. Just like you let a chicken breast marinate before it tastes delicious, you gotta let the oil or butter do its thing. When my butter first settled, it looked yellow with slight tinges of green around the clumps of cannabis. At the end it was this beautiful dark green color in liquid form and a lighter green when solid.

    So to go about a pizza I would probably pick up one of those jiffy dough mixes, mix that up. Get a can of some pizza sauce, take it out, put it in a skillet, heat up with ingredients to taste, and slowly mix in the oil you've let sit for preferably over 24 hours. Probably let the sauce sit for another 12, but that's just me, then make your pizza like normal. Bake it, and if you have a potent enough oil one to two slices should get you behind the head.

    But that's all just theory, well educated theory. :p
  5. Well what would happen if I went to a pizza place and ordered a pie, put about a gram and a half spread out on it (make it look like oregano or something)
    Lol that's what a friend and I wanna do on sat.
    I just wana kno should we do it or is that a waste of our bud?
  6. weed and shroom pizza!...ooh sorry

  7. I'm no expert, but my reasoning tells me that no, just putting a gram and a half on a pizza won't do anything. Weed needs to have the active cannabanoid THC transfer to a fat cell so it can be ingested. Just eating weed won't get you high, even if you ate a pound of it. And if you were going to bake it ontop of a pizza, chances are much greater they you are vaporizing your weed rather then infusing it to the cheese. Then you'd have to let it sit so it actually makes the pizza potent.

    TL;DR No
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    What? You just wanna grind up a weed and go into a pizza place and sprinkle it on top? Of course that wont work.

    You should cook one yourself. You could use only like 2-3 grams and make that in some oil. Spread that on the entire pizza and if you eat half and your friend eats half, you will both be pretty high.

    That is a TON of food based on the amount of bud though, so personally i would put it in something else, or just more of it on a few slices
  9. no that wont work you need to heat the bud to release the active indigents

  10. Totally done this before

    Tasted weird but i got so fucking high man!:hello:
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    Haha I'll try it then
  12. i would also try the homemade dough be strong as hell :eek:
  13. You can't just eat weed raw like sushi....

    Something has to saturate the THC and the only way to do that is to add heat... So get like a frozen pizza put some extra trimmings on it and bake it and then you'll get baked.
  14. Or they could make the oil and brush it on the pizza they buy, wuldn't that work? lol
  15. Yeah, but less fun. :(
  16. you wont get high off of weed if the THC hasn't been absorbed in the food. just sticking weed on it wont do anything. you have to cook the weed with the pizza or do what that other guy said and simmer it in oil and then brush the oil onto the pizza
  17. You should try doing it so you can actually experience it first hand and see what happens:D
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