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  1. Deep Dish or Thin Crust?
    What's your preference?

  2. Deep dish pizza is the fucking bomb, long as it not's soupy, or all bread. If so, I'd go for thin crust. Not a lot of good deep dish pizza around here (Kentucky). I'm learning to make it myself, it's not Chicago, but it does the job :smoke:
  3. Thin all the way!
  4. Deep dish for sure. People who order thin crust be all like: "You mean I can get 75% less pizza and I only have to pay a couple dollars more?! Sign me up!"

    Get that fuckin horse shit out of my face and bring me an actual pizza!
  5. Deep dish is gross to me. It's just TOO much. I prefer regular crust or pan.

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  6. I haven't had the opportunity to have a good deep dish pizza, so I would say thin crust. For now at least.
  7. Just give me alllllll the pizza!
  8. this crust, white pizza with chicken and broccoli... fuck... thx.
  9. I love the crunch of thin crust. And as much as I love deep dish, I get annoyed when I look down at my plat and see 2/3 of my slice left because it is so much!! Pizza. Mmm I love both but thin crust has my heart. Deep dish is an event.
  10. I had to think about this for quite a while. I think Chicago deep dish is the way to go.
  11. Deep dish forever! Chicago native.  :love:
  12. I enjoy both. I'm now going to order pizza
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  13. Addicted, Guilty. 
  14. Thin crust is beast
  15. I like pan pizza the best


  16. Love 'em both. I just love pizza.
  17. Love pizza but prefer thin overall..
    I'm all about that crunch, bout that crunch, no chewing

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  18. Spinelli's Ight.
  19. Thin crust makes my water mouth.

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  20. Thin crust. NYC native :D

    Though I hate NYC

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