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  1. Okay so i go in order fries stoned as shit .. guy was lik hey man .. why your eyes all red .. you smokin that papaya? thats no good for u .. hehe funny lil mexican .. hes annoyin guy tho .. but ya.. wahts papaya translate to.. ?

    "A large pear-shaped fruit which is golden yellow when ripe; peeling reveals sweet-tart orange-colored flesh."

    why the hell would i smoke that? i guess he was tryin to look cool and use a term he thought i wouldnt kno and think he ment weed w/o actully sayin weed.. idk .. yah
  2. i dont know what a papya...but if he said papaya then yea, its a fruit...also a slang word for weed.

    anything can be a slang word for weed.
  3. ya i could tell it was slang for weed just odd hed use that word instead of something else.. ;\ o well ..

    heh i had a dream that this dude sold me some sick dank purp then the cops came and he like ran out the back of the pizza shop and then the dream got trippy from then on .. like mad explosives and the sky was red and .. i dont even kno.. heh h
  4. On another note, papaya is also slang for pussy.

    as in:

    Yo voy a chupar la papaya de tu madre.

  5. in my experiences, most people in the pizza business tend to smoke, so he knows you were high....he just said papaya b/c he was just messin' with ya. No biggie.
  6. i wish i had some papaya
  7. Me and my friend were smoking in the back when the chinese delivery dude pulled up.
    We freaked out cuz we forgot we ordered food and were confused to why some random ass car pulled up. But we eventually ran out and grabbed the food. Tipped big too. He didn't say anything about the red eyes though.
  8. I went into a micky d's and ordered a big mac, well while i was eating this worker asked me to elave cause i had red eyes and looked real blazed, i yelled at her and told her i been crying all day and to leave me alone, it worked and no cops came

  9. Lol, omg. That's great. +reppp
    My eyes were really red when I was at Burger King once. Just ran into the restroom, then left. Didn't order anything...but I saw some friends there. I rudely left without saying much to them.
  10. I smoked for almost a year before I realised it made your eyes red...lmao :D
  11. lol ordered just fries?? haha me and my friend blazed then went and orderd a thing of breadsticks and got sugar cookies...pretty fuckn good
  12. ordering pizza has become a ritual for me n my mates everytime we smoke...SPend bout hafl an hour tryign to ordering it n tlkaing do the pizza girl on da fone..then when the guy comes to deliever it we walk to the front door while pullin a cone...
  13. I could see him knowing you were blazing and simply not caring. Either way the whole fruit thing would be pretty funny to watch someone try to smoke, I deff don't think he meant it in that sense though.

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