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  1. So I just started a new job delivering pizzas and it would be a fantasy come true if a milf or some hot chicks invited me in. Are there any other pizza/delivery guys here whove had this happen? Or any girls that have invited one in? Tips would be awsome

  2. I worked at a pizza place for 3 years in high school, I never delivered though, I always worked inside. But I have heard some stories from drivers. There's not really any tips on making it happen, it's kinda just luck. But stranger things have happened.

    It's also not uncommon to be smoked out for a tip depending on the area you live in, so that might be something to look forward to if no MILFS ever invite you in.
  3. Some hot guys have delivered pizza to me and I've fantasized about not having money for payment so I pay for the pizza with a bj or something.

    Eh I watch way too much porn lol

  4. No such thing.

  5. Naw, you just like sucking dick :hello:
  6. A hot MILF inviting in a pizza guy for a fuck?

    Not in a million years.

    But if you were say... a mechanic or a plumber... yeah... you have much better chance...
  7. Fuck i just applied to a new pizza hut that opened up probably took the spot. You bastard!
  8. im a girl, and i have ALWAYS wanted to invite one in..
    would be SO good. coz id have pizza after BALLIN
  9. haha i have worked for pizza hut for like 3 years, just quit today! woot!!!!

    been smoked up for sure, deff delivered to hot chicks, never had one invite me in but i have definitely had some flirt with me, i never made a move because i would of felt like an idiot flirting back in uniform lmao.
  10. Sounds like the plot-base of some steamy erotica :ey:
  11. [​IMG]

    It won't happen.. lol Just being real :smoke:
  12. I have been offered meth but he didn't offer his whore to me.
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    Fuck yeah dude I did a delivery today and this dime piece answered the door with this tight shirt on with no bra. I was so awestruck she stole my pen without me realizing til I got back to the store.

    Oh and we aren't allowed to go inside, and in the city we're on our shit about keeping safe so if some beautiful woman invited me in I'd have to decline cos that would be a great way to get robbed.
  14. ok, i have decided, next hot delivery guy, i'm asking him in.
    he will have to be extra hot, not skeevy, charming, etc, and i will do it.

    why not?
    i only live once.
  15. I dont have to wear uniform at my place. i always put some burberry on for good measure. you never know could get that one desperate houswife......i dream to much
  16. I'm applying for a job near your area.
  17. I worked as a pizza delivery guy on the side for about a year. Saw a lot of crazy stuff, some good some bad lol
    I was invited into a few parties/was invited to come back to the party after work, smoked at a few peoples houses. people would always try to give me a beer as an extra tip, stuff like that.

    Also I had two women come to the door naked, a bunch in bathing suits, lingerie. One time it was a couple and the guy was ordering his wife to answer the door topless and in panties. But along with those great times I had a few times where guys came to the door naked or close to it. Grossed me the hell out. But gotta take the good with the bad lol
  18. "oh you ordered cheese pizza? coulda swore you said sausage.." ;)
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  19. Hahahaha had me bustin up :D. Ya dude, just giver the first milf you see the extra sausage with white (garlic) sauce special...but also pics of gtfo! :cool:

  20. Because if I was a dude who was looking to get with you, then found out you did that, I'd think you're a hoe and I would stay away from that.

    Can't be raw dogging some randoms.

    Just saying. My opinion, yo.

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