pizza fiend of a ferret...

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  1. k, as many of you kno ive got quite teh "collection" of ferrets... in particular your going to hear about it atm
    its the little girl that had been losing her fur due to the terrible care she was receiving prior to coming to our home
    k so its "play time" where we let all the ferrets out for a few hours in the room to romp and play and just be themselves, and im sitting HERE eating my pizza, enjoying it, posting threads and such...and all of a sudden i feel something climbing up my leg..i look down and its little fury wanting "up" so i ipck her up and give her some attention and then place her on the bed behind me...well...she them climbs up onto my shoulder and chills for a sec..i go to take a bite of my pizza and SHE TRIES TO STEAL IT!! thats rite..grabs my pizza slice and tries to yank it out of my hand!!
    so i take a teeny bite to give to her, put it down and let her munch out...a few seconds later shes back on my shoulder!! and agani...chills and waits for my pizza slice to come within eaten prolly half a slice by now and shes stuffed...shes been chillin on my shoulder givin kisses and chewing in my hair stick...weirdo ferret:rolleyes:
  2. sounds like a pretty chill
  3. I love ferrets had 2 one died =( gave the other one away...
  4. Haha! Having 2 ferrets myself, I quite enjoyed that read. Mine are both females. Slinky & Snapple.
  5. yeah....i got 8..yes...8

    mischief, mayhem, drifter, pharoh, sugar, fury, teu, minion

    theres pix of them in gen *3 MORE ferrets*
  6. I've always wanted a ferret, but I don't think I'll be able to get one until I get my own house. By the time I have my own house I might just want a dog instead...Ferrets seem really awesome though.
  7. awesome?? hells yeah!! work?? more than youd expect...a lot more..if you dont have time *hours daily* to dedicate to just playin with them then you shouldnt get one...they need vet visits too like cats and dogs as well...they take up a lot of space and time and money..but they are truely awesome none the less!:D
  8. Haha that sounds really cool, I want a ferret but I'd rather have a dog.
  9. Same here, i got 2 but one died after eating the foam in my couch :( so i got a third.

    Then i had to give them away when i couldn't take care of them anymore, it was really sad

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