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Discussion in 'General' started by BlackSabbath21, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. anybody know if pizza delivery is a good job, i literally live like 5 houses down from a pizza hut, i just heard some pizza guys getting their ass beat by faggot gangbangers n shit,
  2. It's pretty easy money, plus the benefit of being able to smoke on the job
  3. What kind of asshole would beat up a pizza delivery guy. They delivery me food, hell the least I could do is smoke them up.
  4. Pizza delivery man wouldn't be so bad.

    Get to drive around with the nice smell of freshly baked pizza,

    Interact with a bunch of people you've never seen before,

    and plus, you could be baked the whole time!

    Just try not to dig into any of the customer's pizza's after you've smoked. :laughing:
  5. If you deliver to a lot of apartments screw that, but when I delivered for the hut I was making way too much money :)
  6. Be prepared to drive the sh*t out of your car, and you better hope it's good on gas.
  7. It's alright as long as you get enough deliveries each night. At pizza hut you should be fine, where I work is a different story...
  8. I'm pretty sure with pizza hut you have to pay for your own gas too.. if you're cool with that than go for it!
  9. Im a pizza guy! The tips are pretty good on the weekends. It does have its annoying moments, but the money isnt bad. Get to see some cute girls. Not the worst job ive had.

    I deliver in the suburbs so im not worried about getting robbed. If you are in the city, i would think twice
  10. lol exactly i live pretty much downtown(san jose,CA) with alot of gangs around, wich pisses me off cause i would like to deliver pizzas fuckin baked listening to tunes.
  11. Pizza hut gives you 88 cents per delivery. So the do pay gas

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