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pizza chain drug tests

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Recovery1CDR, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. I know i'm going to be "that guy" but i'm going to apply at hungry howies soon. It's a pizza chain that's alot like pizza hut but not as well known and i couldn't find anything by googling it so what's better than posting a gc thread about it?

    Do most pizza chains, in this case hungry howies, drug test? This establishment i believe is not corporately owned.

    Right now i believe it's a 50 50 chance that they do but i dont really want to take the risk of going in and gettin screwed over, it's better to be safe than sorry though.

    I just got some straight dank ass bud too, dankest i've ever seen. I got an 8th of that shit and wanna go at that bud but if i wanna get a job then i'll have to stop if they drug test, then i'll be able to get the money to buy more dank and be able to chief all the time, but then they might have random drug tests too so that might be another problem.
  2. honestly just dont smoke, it's not worth losinga job opportunity over. if they end up not testing you just think of the break and a t break. win win situation if you dont smoke.
  3. I dont get why they would care if you smoke. If anything Id encourage people to get high and spend some of that paycheck on the pizza.
  4. hungry Howie's around here, i know friends who have worked for them and been chilling, take that for a couple grains of salt
  5. usually, places that arent coporate owned dont drug test. I got hired at a Motel Six, but its not corporate owned so i didnt get tested. And usually companies dont do random drug test unless you get injured on the job.

    I'd make sure if its coroporate owned,if its not, blaze up :smoke:

  6. that's some good advise right there. I know all these things that you can do to dilute it and add in some color with B12 vitamins but if i really want to be safe how long would it be till it's out of my system or in miniscule amounts that it wont be detected? 30 days?
  7. I'm not sure about the states, but in canada, in 7 years I have had around 12 part-time jobs (Most of them earlier on when I was a dumbass.) and not one has ever drug tested anyone. My jobs have ranged from fast-food to supermarkets/grocery stores to department stores and currently a restaurant. I highly doubt a pizza place would waste money on drug tests, especially one that isn't part of a corporation.

    So needless to say, I highly doubt you have anything to worry about.

  8. shit man you put my mind at ease, it's a decent pay too for my age since i'm still at school, heck work 18 hours a week, got me some good money for some good ole dank :hello:

    appreciate it bro +rep
  9. I have never known a pizza shop to drug test pre-employment.
  10. no problem.
    we have a corporate owned JOhns incredible pizza hear and they drug test since its corporate. But we also have hungry howies,pizza hut and all that hear. and only the corporate owned ones test.

    Independent Owned business's dont bother spending money on drug test.

  11. alright man, i'm gonna call tomorrow and check to see if they are corporate or not.
  12. Or you can tell them you want to apply and want to know where you have to go to take the drugtest. Tell them you're asking because you would need to arrange for a ride or something.
  13. Just wait brotha. It'll pay off if you get the job.
  14. honestly, don't blaze. wouldn't want to risk losing a job over it

  15. very sneaky sir, i could do this
  16. Don't blaze--for now.

    Ride this job for a while, then use it as credentials to step up (down?) to a local family-owned pizzeria, where they won't care as long as you show up to work on time.
  17. Dont listen to ppl saying not to smoke - hungrie howies doesnt DT. My friend used to work there, its basically all stoners and stupid kids
  18. No pizza places drug test, lets be honest.
  19. I used to work at Romeo's pizza and never was drug tested and neither were my friends that worked there. Usually places like that don't drug test unless you give them reason too, such as smelling like it and having real red eyes.

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