Pizza Burger Recipe! secret ingredient-Bacon!

Discussion in 'General' started by Anony, Feb 22, 2009.

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  2. Now as awesome as that shit is.
    And as much as I want it..
    They really should have refined it so it could be eaten via holding it in your hand like an actual hamburger.

    That shit would definitely need a knife and fork its just so big.
  3. Word, you can always make the size of the hamburger thinner, and stretch it out to fit the entire pizza, that might make it a little more manageable.
  4. haha yuck! i was hoping this was a marijuana recipe..
  5. What part of pizza burger made you think of mj? :D
  6. i just wanna jump in it
  7. Thanks for this recipe Anony. Shit man, once I finish recovering from food poisoning and can eat properly again, I'm going to make one of these babies! This thread is going on my bookmarks toolbar.:yummy:
  8. No problem, its delicious :)
  9. Word, never seen that site before. I got it from space ghetto a while ago.

    That pizza with onion rings looks delicious.
  10. The meat in the middle is not cooked.
  11. Beef is alway better red dude, I like my steaks medium rare and a lil bloody :D
  12. Yeah but that's hamburg meat.
    That doesn't look any different than the meat does in a frozen package.
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    100% agreed.btw just got back from and wanna try making "the french fry-encased hot dog on a stick"
  14. Yeah so true. Whats that, you can eat ground beef raw, a buddy of mine from Newberry Michigan, would sit with his dad watching a game, eating raw ground beef with chopped onions,celary and green pepper in it. It wont hurt you.

    Pork and Chicken will though. Red meat can fuck your ass up one day though.
  15. I'd probably have a heart attack after eatin' that shyt
  16. only in America ;)

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