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Pizza and weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Korey1919, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. If I put weed on a frozen pizza (I like them and it's cheap :). ) and baked it in the oven, would I get high?
  2. I don't think so..
  3. nah bro, im no expert, but its more complicated than that, that would be cool if that worked lmao just look up how to cook weed with your food, theres alot too it
  4. It would give you protien...
  5. Nah, not just by sprinkling it on top man. Gotta mix it with fats then cook. Aka, make some cannabutter then pour it on the pizza (might ruin the taste tho).
  6. i dont think that would work but if i were you i would smoke that weed and then eat the pizza
  7. No...won't work.

    You can cook it into pizza but that involve making a pizza from scratch.

    Best bet is to make a Firecracker (look up)

  8. Make firecrackers! It's easy as fuck. There are threads talking about it already.. Just give it a search ;)

    But to answer your question.. No, that will not work.
  9. If it didn't cook all the trichomes off first, you'd need ~10 grams to cover a whole pizza with enough weed to get you high.

    What a waste of weed, even if it did work.
  10. LOL. Not to do with your post but you're sig is WAY smaller now lmao
  11. [It will work. I've done it before and it worked for me! What I did, is I got a frozen pizza, put on about half a gram, put cheese on top of it to mix fat in with the weed, cooked, took out and let sit about 15min so the weed could continue to cook between cheese and pizza thus mixing fat with the weed, and it shot me to the moon in about 40min after eating!

    Btw... Contrary to certain beliefs I've seen stated here on GC... I used Vaped weed and it still worked!
  12. damn this thread didnt turn out what i expected it to be...:smoke:
  13. Try it! What do ya got to lose?!
  14. it will work u just need to put olive oil on first then sprinkle weed on it that is very ground up and it cant be in the oven too long but enjoy it i actually just did it and it worked wonders for me, have fun
  15. I agree with the person who said smoke the weed and then eat the pizza. But look up on YouTube how to cook that shit.
  16. had to go by the rules. they have the power to devirginize my asshole so i kinda have to obey. :mad:
  17. Weed and pizza go good together. By that i mean first you ingest the weed...wait for the munchies....than eat the pizza:hello:

    Dont eat them both at the same time. Then your just gunna end up hungry again and youll be all outta pizza and pissed off:mad:
  18. Why don't you just get stoned and then eat the pizza?
  19. Like a half-o!
  20. blaze, and then eat the pizza

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