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  1. .. hey, i did a quick search, and didn't see any such title, so thought, why not.. i'm a pretty big animal lover myself, and thought it'd be cool to see some other members pets on here..
    i'll start off with a few of my doggy, sandy pants..

    sandy snow.jpg saandy.jpg
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  2. 14125108_947560942034045_2182102632819705531_o.jpg Capture+_2017-02-15-18-25-12.png Capture+_2017-02-15-18-24-59.png
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  3. 20160920_175334.jpg my dog PI (3.14)
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  4. That, is a beautiful animal!
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  5. My green-cheeked conure, Spudnik. She's ~20 years old and smart as a whip.

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  6. thanks dagwood, she's a mutt we got from a shelter.. she's part lab and part hound, and 100% spoiled rotten.. complete snugglebunny though..
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  7. Great name!
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  8. Thanks! She's named after a song by the Ventures that was also recorded (without permission) by The Lively Ones, who re-arranged it and titled it "Surf Rider", which is the last song in the movie Pulp Fiction.

  9. That is hilarious and not at all what I expected!
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  10. This is cash money, english bulldog pit mix. He is definitely spoiled rotten aswell.

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  11. cutie, i've always wanted an english bull terrier, but the money that they want for those things is crazy, and i can't bring myself to pay that when there's so many needy dogs in shelters that need love..
  12. i forgot to say, a boy named sue would have made an excellent user name for you, lol.. love your avatar pix..
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  13. I got cash at a auction for a steal. I have another fur baby Duke 130 lbs American bulldog me and my wife rescued. It was definitely rewarding we saved him from the dog pound. He was fixing to be put down that week. He is the biggest teddy bear lol he thinks he is a lap dog.
    2017-02-15 23.18.00.jpg

  14. Lol i just changed the avatar and I thought about it.
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  15. they all look adorable
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    IMG_1482.JPG I think the white one it's very possibly part opossum ....:blink: IMG_0690.JPG
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