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  1. Anyone here from Pgh? I moved here from Brooklyn a year and a half ago, slowly getting acclimated to the area. I hear all the head shops are in WV though.

    Been trying to find a group to hang with thats into smoking AND playing videogames. I got some smoking buddies who don't game, and some gaming buddies who don't smoke. Trying to find a happy medium, but the wife and I moved out here without knowing anyone, so it's been tough.

    P.s. the "middies" out here (regs back home) suck. Fortunately, It's only a 6 hour drive to Brooklyn, so I'm good.
  2. What area of the Burgh you livin in, or you out in the suburbs?
  3. Carnegie. I live like 15 seconds away from the city limits. Quiet town, I hear the floods ravaged it pretty bad, but I like it quiet
  4. Hey man, I dunno if I qualify since I don't play video games much anymore, but I follow them pretty close as a hobby. I listened to all the 1up podcasts before it fell apart, and now I listen to Weekend Confirmed and the Bombcast pretty much religiously. So if you wanna get together and talk about what's new and awesome and gaming culture, I'm totally *totally* into it. And if we blaze a few that's cool too :smoke:

    What part of the city are you in?
  5. Duh, you already said where you are. I'm in the Southside... a chill place for hiking and smoking! You ever make it down here?

  6. I grew up in Carnegie, lol. I know it well, I visit friends and familty there all the time. Theres a lot of good weed around there, you just gotta hook up with the right people.
  7. stoned budda,

    Yeah I gotta get around to meeting more locals. glad to know theres at least a community here.


    Ive recently found myself falling off too. I used to play EVERY day, now I find time when I can. Work + marriage tend to get it the way pretty often.

    Shoot me an email man, ill PM you my info
  8. I live in Wheeling,Wv and the head shops arent that great .... and neither is the weed most of the time lol
  9. 412 REPRESENT!
    haha. I live in Bellevue. There are plenty of head shops here that sell pieces.
    It's also 5-15 minutes away from many smoking place.

    Pittsburgh is great for smoking. So many cuts, so many parks, there are places everywhere!
  10. jumpingkidney is right: this city is amazing for places to blaze... I can't speak to how safe it is (no run-ins yet, knock wood) but the scenery can't be beat. Southside river trails, Schenley (which has maaaaaaad trails in the valleys that you might not know about if you've only ever been on the hilltops), all the tiny riverside parks... it's amazing. I can only imagine what it's like if you have a boat on the river...:bongin:
  11. I'm in Morgantown, WV and we have a few headshops. Cool Ridge on High St is the best but other then that there isn't much.
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    I'm in the North Hills, but close enough to the river that I can take the New Ken bus into town. Plus the bread in my pantry is having more fun then me.

    Places to check out in Pittsburgh----------- Sharps Hills(Pm me if you need directions, whole view of the city from the East side, on a hill overlooking sharpsburg and the waterworks.) Guarenteed chance to hook up, up there. :hello:

    If your ever stuck in the Northside, smoke in the parks. Cops really only care if your right across from the school police station at CCAC. Soutside has alot of woods and trails to go smoke on, especially the bike trail by the river(Smoked an L on a first date there, worked perfectly.) plus soutside works has some cool shops and restaurants+ a movie theater. Definatly take the ladies to SS.

    Also Pittsburgh smoking ettiquete seems to dictate that names of connects don't get given out. It's different then in other cities I have been too. Honestly, the fastest ways of getting a hookup are haging out in SS and talking to kids who look like they toke(SS is hippy ville) or smoke people up at parks and stuff with you bud, exchange numbers, hit them up and then mention bud.

    Welcome to Tittsburgh Pistolvania! (PS. don't let yourself get middlemaned even though Pittsburghers are shy about giving out connects, act like you have a problem giving the money up front and youll probably just get taken to dudes. Then maybe have to lick dudes balls or something :D)

  13. I'm like 10 minutes from wheeling, and sure the weed isn't THAT great, but there's some alright smoke shops around here man
  14. This man speaks the Truth to the capital T. North Hills born and raised myself. The South Side is fun every once in awhile in my opinion, too much of a hassle to get there and back if you're kinda far away but Carnegie isn't too far. Go down to the Strip District and check out some of the ethnic food shops, or if you're feeling brave go on a Saturday and battle with the crowds. Hit up one of the amazing museums. Go to a midnight Pink Floyd Laser Show at the Carnegie Science Center. Go to Phipps, just go:D

    Even though its getting cold if you have a bicycle go ride the trails that take you all over the city.

    As for weed, PLP is 100% correct. You'll find tons of Pitt and other university kids over on the south side and 1 in 3 has the intention of smoking at some point that night. However, that person that hooked you up will want to be you middle man forever, you may need to try a few different people till he hooks you up directly with his guy. When I moved back from WA I went through 4 different middle men that all bought from the same guy. Now he and I are close as brothers and I never worry about quality or price.

    It may seem kind of lame around here from time to time but just wait till you get more familiar, there's a lot of fun to be had
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