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Pittsburgh tokers!

Discussion in 'General' started by spiiderwebb, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Wondering if any blades are wandering around Pittsburgh, PA.

    What kinda stuff you guys getting? I get mostly headies. Hard to come by mids anymore, haha.
  2. I haven't got shit since my 2 guys left town >:-(
    Nobody I've hit up at work tokes, and nobody I've hit up on the street knows anything >:-(

    Too bad it's against the rules to ask for a hookup on GC >:-(

    All I have left is the dust in the inside of my ABV jar, scrape that out and get 1/25th of a hit >:-(

    Mama mia... do I really need to move my family to CO or WA!?
  3. just ask your friends. make them ask their friends too. haha. it's not hard to find it, just depends on what kinda neighborhood you're in. :p
  4. I live in Swickley which is right outside the burgh. Pitt and Pitt Law grad too. :smoke:
  5. I'm sorry for you guys. I get dank in Pitt you just have to keep looking.

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  6. Oooh, Swickley. Really expensive place to live. I used to clean houses out there. Nice town though.
  7. Yea it is nice, almost no crime. A lot of our neighbors keep to themselves though, so we rarely see them. Actually, Mario Lemieux lives a few blocks down from us and I've seen him driving a few times.

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