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Pittsburgh Stash Jar

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by beanz531, May 16, 2011.

  1. Please post pics of your bud you've gotten around the burgh. I want to see if people all around are getting the cali love my area has been getting :smoke:
  2. 412 right here, no pics of bud right now though....
  3. 412 here also. P.S. take a look at my pics up there ^^^and let me know what you guys think thats thats my first pickup from my new dude so fars he seems more reliable and deffinitly has better bud than any of my other dealers around here
  4. shit looks dank bro, i also just got a new hookup that gets some fire haha
  5. Thats whatsup! Nobody gives pgh credit for the bud around here. Looks good though broski, i'll have pics up soon
  6. i just recently moved to the area. havent had any problems finding anything but i wouldnt mind getting some better shit. its dank and all but usually seems kind of weak. maybe i got a hell of a tolerance i dunno. sorry no pics either. i've had quite a few good bags. just not really anything i found worth taking pics of. i like living here though.
  7. I haven't had problems finding fire, except that it's expensive as hell (650 a zip, mailed in from Cali). I've been searching for mids or heads for the last couple months, only finding rip off prices. Cooking with dank is too expensive, but I might just have to do it if the summer doesn't bring a supply. A couple years ago, mids and headies were all over the place.

    Verona here, still in the 412 :wave:
  8. Yeah thats common around here. Kids around here don't know how to grow the right way. And you probably will get ripped off a lot, however base price for an oz in my area (westside PGH) is about 350-400. There is very few batches i've gotten that were actually worth 400 an oz.
  9. yea 650 a zip is pretty expensive, and for mids i can get some good mids for 100-120 a zip depending on who i get them from and how good they are but i usually dont ever buy mids unless im smoking with alot of ppl or wanna roll alot of blunts. and for dank its always 400 a zip ive paid 450 a couple times but i really dont like to spend more than 400 a zip
  10. To start a thread like this,
    you really should contribute your own pics.

    This thread is already turning into a ''how much do you pay'' thread.
  11. i agree with redsmiley im the only one that posted pics, come on you mean to tell me no one else has pics of the bud there getting in P.A., its not hard to snap a pic or 2 real quick and throw them up here. anyways ill be grabbing some more dank in the next couple days ill be sure to post more pics as soon as i pick it up.
  12. alright i actually got some pretty good shit tonight. :smoke:

    Attached Files:

  13. nice pickup man looks dank as hell, mind me asking how much you got and how much you paid for it?
  14. $60 a cut. stuff smells fruity as fuck. thats all of it there. buds about the size of a quarter.
  15. yea same prices i pay i wish i could find someone for 50 a 8th but oh well guess i cant complain atleast im getting dank shit lol
  16. Dude I'm out of college, all my former people moved guys are talking about how easy it is to find, but I've been struggling to find any for the past 6 months...
  17. I know like ten people who sell in my little neighborhood.

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