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Pittsburgh Area Connex & Headshops

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by spartan3500, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. #1 spartan3500, Sep 12, 2009
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    disregard the connex i didnt know we couldnt ask here sorry.

    Also, does anyone know of a headshop in Pittsburgh?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. There is a place in Butler PA that sells pipes. I'm not sure what the name is but a google search will probably tell you. I've never been to this place ever either so I'm not sure on how wide their selection is. :wave:
  3. Unfortunately, we no longer have any. We used to have a lovely shop called Teleropa in Pittsburgh, but they got taken down in the big anti-bong bust some years back. It was the same operation that got Tommy Chong when he shipped a bong to PA. I've never heard of the place in Butler that was mentioned, but it's in another county, so maybe they're still there.

    Sounds like a good excuse for a road trip anyway. You could go to West Virginia or Ohio.
  4. Hermits Dwelling This is a place in pittsburgh that ive bought bowls from before a little pricey but a bit easier to get to then when i was going to West Virginia for a nice piece. The only thing is you need your id and you have to establish that your are looking for somthing for tabacco use its all in a back room and if you mention weed or they even suspect they have to ask you to leave so keep it cool :cool:. Good luck and Happy hunting.
    PS. they also have bullets, bongs, vaps, and all kinds of accessories like pipe cleaners, flavors, cases all that good shit
  5. theres a tattoo shop on 885 with a backroom
  6. Not a headshop exactly, but the Smoke Wizard next to the Rita's near Forbes and Shady sells a couple types of pieces, but only leaves one or two out so they can hide them really quick.

    Great place for zig zags, blunt wraps and shisha tobacco, though! They also sell High Times and snacks, so I don't think they're fooling anyone, haha

  7. Wow, what kind of rock have I been living under? :p I'll have to check them out!
  8. There is a head shop in Blairsville in Indiana County. it's at the Blairsville Flea market... it's an indoor flea market so they may be open year round. I think they have a website.
  9. I feel your pain...cant find a scrap:(
  10. Benjamin Beetle's
    its on main street in butler
    just walk up to the counter and ask to see the "back room"
    be sure to have i.d. on you

    its a very nice selection
    metal, glass spoons, glass animal pipes, bongs, hookahs, you name it they got it
  11. wow! theres alot of tokers here from pittsburgh :D glad to see you guys :D
  12. yes in the two months since i created this topic i've gotten my affairs in order. i really think that pittsburgh is a great place in terms of availability of weed, variety of weed, and people to smoke it with. i thought i would have a lot of trouble re-establishing myself out here, but turns out i was wrong.

    if anyone is having similar troubles, seriously, just walk onto the patio in front of the towers on pitt's campus and ask someone. chances are they can help you or direct you to someone they know.
  13. Benjamin Beatles!!! Im going there soon i hear its awesome.
  14. That place ur talking about is jon etts its right off of route 22. It is indoor and outdoor but im not sure if its open all year round. the vendors there have all different kinds of shit they have some good deals on pieces too. im making a trip out there this weekend:D.
  15. Benjamin Beetles is a sick place!! They are legit and everything.. I just bought a chillum from there coming home from warped tour on the 7th.. They aint that bad pricewise either.. They have a wide variety of pipes and whatever else..
  16. Not West Virginia, I live here. I haven't seen one headshop anywhere in the N. Panhandle, other than novelty stores and shit like that selling cheap shit.

    Ohio however, yes.

  17. It's not bad but there only tree for the first hour or so. Try "Splash of Color" in wv. Take the exit right before cabelas make a rift and go past the truck stop you'll see it it's a brightly colored building.

  18. That's where everyone I know goes. They all act like it's the best place ever.

    I haven't been there in a few years, but when I was there it was mass produced pieces. A lot of the stuff was really nice, but when I see 4 different people with basically the same piece, I'm like fuck it I don't want that shit.

    I'm gonna have to check them out again though and give them another chance. I really want another tube.

  19. It's not bad but there only tree for the first hour or so. Try "Splash of Color" in wv. Take the exit right before cabelas make a rift and go past the truck stop you'll see it it's a brightly colored building.

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