pitting homeless people against each other for money

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  1. This video was about some pranksters who thought it would be okay to pit two homeless people in a arm wrestling match for some cash  (only $100). I know a person who was homeless and this would get him so fired up.... i was never homeless and i am extremely pissed off, i don't even want to toke right now. I'll leave a link to the video,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2RWG9BaflM I would like to know your input on this. 

  2. disgusting.
    i'm guessing you've never seen the video called "bum fights" where these teenagers go around paying homeless people to fight each other and all other sorts of fucked up shit. this was like 10 years ago. compared to bum fights, this seems like charity. at least no one gets physically hurt in this one.
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    There's much worse done to homeless people..an arm wrestling match where the winner gets 100 bucks and the loser gets 50?
    Any homeless person in the world would sign up for that..
    Edit: Poster above, I've seen bum fights lmao funny you mention that
  5. Ya this was actually really cool.
  6. I thought this would be about sticking a wad of cash between two hobos and saying "FIGHT"

    I am dissapoint, had a smartass comment about it being a waste unless you sell it as a PPV and everything
  7. I have heard of the bum fights actually through seeing comments on this video, pretty shitty humans if you ask me. I thought of this as exploitation and if you looks at it the essence of the two videos are the same, they are just on two different ends of the spectrum.  That homeless dude gave the white homeless dude $50 cause he knew this pos wasn't gona give him jack shit. I know they are making hella cash off this video, but don't you think humans could have more decency? 
  8. lol @ you for having any faith in humans...
  9. lol @ you for having any faith in humans...
    Actually i'm starting to lose what i have left 
    you know who's making hella cash but not giving anything to anybody? most charities, including the charity that raised all the money from the ice water bucket challenge.
    the guys making this video are probably making money off it, but then again, so are the homeless people. would it still be exploitation if he asked two unemployed students to do this? 
    actually im starting to lose what i have left lol
  12. It's just a Joe Schmoe YouTube channel they're not makin bank lol just havin fun
  13. They did this in the first season of American Dad  :laughing:
    You know what it would still be exploitation, but it definitely wouldn't get the same attention as homeless people doing it, its all for the views you know? popularity 
    Dude they are making so much money off this video, probably around $15-$35 grand at least
  16. I expected this to be much more degrading
    I mean, I guess they're calling themselves pranksters, but this was actually kind of touching
    It was a friendly arm wrestling match, not a savage brawl or anything
  17.  why not just give the men 100$ each, other than $100 to the winner, without having to compete for it. That's the essence of the problem. They want you to think its friendly but its actually exploiting them, open your mind dude 
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    That's great for them in my opinion..make yourself a youtube account, come up with ideas, and start making money.
    I applaud these people who are making money through the youtube partner program. Instead of grinding out a 9 to 5 job every day, they are all pretty much working for themselves, which is just awesome in my book.
    Edit: Why not give them each $100? Because there's no video to be made about that? It's youtube man..you think people are gonna record videos of themselves giving homeless people $100? Sounds pretty boring to me. 
    I'm 100% sure that this video has so many views because of the way the black guy split the money, not because there's 2 homeless people arm wrestling..it's one of those heart warming youtube videos that everybody "has to see".
  19. Ur shitting me right... People who don't have jobs borderline homeless go looking for work doing shitty jobs get paid less then this for hours of work they just made 150/100 dollars each in what 45 minutes tops? ARM WRESTLING.
    Bum fights is different but there is nothing wrong with this.
    Ps. Are you extremely stupid?

    It's all just one big conspiracy
  20.  are you not understanding the issue of exploitation.  Are you extremely stupid?

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